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Avoid "This combination does not exist" by only displaying existing combinations


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I'd like to display only exsiting combinations (I have three attributes groups : Length, Width, Thickness...but not all combinations are possible) in order to avoid the message :

"This combination does not exist for this product. Please choose another." in the front office.


How to do this please ?

A module ? a javascript or smarty workaround?



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Still no any solution...... Devs, are you here? ;) I need a solution too, and very much. I tested Magento, there is a very good solution for the problem. If there's no particular combination available, customers just don't see it. Perfect! It would be great to have such solution in Prestashop. I read many threads about the issue with showing unavailable combinations, and I saw that for years were people asking about that, and for years nothing had been changing...

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