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  1. somebody any help? shop is on adress http://www.diamantovenastroje.cz/, i turned error reporting bud dont showing any errors to me. i turn off some modules, but dont help.
  2. Hello, i have problem with seo - when i click to EDIT button in SEO and URL page, i get only blank page (no errors, no text, only white page). do somebody experience with this kind of problems? Shop now running on
  3. i turn it on, but where i get reports? i use this function first time and google also dont get me helpfull answeres...
  4. maybe stupid question, but how i can turn on error reporting? Its opinion in where i setup force compile and cache? if yes, i get this: /home/d/i/diamantovenastcz/public_html/modules/favoriteproducts/views/templates/hook/favoriteproducts-header.tpl (compile 0.06922) (render 0.00102) (cache 0.00000) /home/d/i/diamantovenastcz/public_html/modules/ganalytics/views/templates/hook/header.tpl (compile 0.18707) (render 0.00302) (cache 0.00000) /home/d/i/diamantovenastcz/public_html/modules/blocklanguages/blocklanguages.tpl (compile 0.08125) (render 0.00150) (cache 0.00000) /home/d/i/diamantovenastcz/public_html/modules/blockcurrencies/blockcurrencies.tpl (compile 0.02906) (render 0.00099) (cache 0.00000) /home/d/i/diamantovenastcz/public_html/modules/blockpermanentlinks/blockpermanentlinks-header.tpl (compile 0.00000) (render 0.00000) (cache 0.00057) /home/d/i/diamantovenastcz/public_html/modules/blocksearch/blocksearch-top.tpl (compile 0.00000) (render 0.00000) (cache 0.00109) /home/d/i/diamantovenastcz/public_html/modules/blockuserinfo/blockuserinfo.tpl (compile 0.11969) (render 0.00210) (cache 0.00000) /home/d/i/diamantovenastcz/public_html/modules/blocktopmenu/blocktopmenu.tpl (compile 0.00000) (render 0.00000) (cache 0.00129) /home/d/i/diamantovenastcz/public_html/themes/default/modules/blockcart/blockcart.tpl (compile 0.54343) (render 0.00473) (cache 0.00000) /home/d/i/diamantovenastcz/public_html/themes/default/modules/blockcategories/blockcategories.tpl (compile 0.00000) (render 0.00000) (cache 0.00104) /home/d/i/diamantovenastcz/public_html/themes/default/modules/blockviewed/blockviewed.tpl (compile 0.07579) (render 0.00273) (cache 0.00000) /home/d/i/diamantovenastcz/public_html/themes/default/modules/blockmanufacturer/blockmanufacturer.tpl (compile 0.00000) (render 0.00000) (cache 0.00101) /home/d/i/diamantovenastcz/public_html/themes/default/modules/blockcontact/blockcontact.tpl (compile 0.00000) (render 0.00000) (cache 0.00113) /home/d/i/diamantovenastcz/public_html/themes/default/modules/blocknewsletter/blocknewsletter.tpl (compile 0.05113) (render 0.00098) (cache 0.00000) /home/d/i/diamantovenastcz/public_html/themes/default/modules/blockcms/blockcms.tpl (compile 0.00000) (render 0.00000) (cache 0.00341) /home/d/i/diamantovenastcz/public_html/modules/homeslider/homeslider.tpl (compile 0.00000) (render 0.00000) (cache 0.00113) /home/d/i/diamantovenastcz/public_html/modules/editorial/editorial.tpl (compile 0.00000) (render 0.00000) (cache 0.00093) /home/d/i/diamantovenastcz/public_html/themes/default/modules/homefeatured/homefeatured.tpl (compile 0.00000) (render 0.00000) (cache 0.00164) /home/d/i/diamantovenastcz/public_html/modules/blockreinsurance/blockreinsurance.tpl (compile 0.00000) (render 0.00000) (cache 0.00126) /home/d/i/diamantovenastcz/public_html/themes/default/modules/blockcategories/blockcategories_footer.tpl (compile 0.00000) (render 0.00000) (cache 0.00137) /home/d/i/diamantovenastcz/public_html/themes/default/modules/blockmyaccountfooter/blockmyaccountfooter.tpl (compile 0.00000) (render 0.00000) (cache 0.00127) /home/d/i/diamantovenastcz/public_html/themes/default/modules/blocksocial/blocksocial.tpl (compile 0.00000) (render 0.00000) (cache 0.00206) /home/d/i/diamantovenastcz/public_html/themes/default/modules/blockcontactinfos/blockcontactinfos.tpl (compile 0.00000) (render 0.00000) (cache 0.00088) /home/d/i/diamantovenastcz/public_html/themes/default/index.tpl (compile 0.00368) (render 0.00059) (cache 0.00000) /home/d/i/diamantovenastcz/public_html/themes/default/layout.tpl (compile 0.02761) (render 0.18641) (cache 0.00000) /home/d/i/diamantovenastcz/public_html/themes/default/header.tpl (compile 0.16250) (render 0.00202) (cache 0.00000) /home/d/i/diamantovenastcz/public_html/themes/default/footer.tpl (compile 0.01837) (render 0.00086) (cache 0.00000)
  5. Hello friends, i have here realy mistery problem - after upgrade to latest presta (from to is missing right sidebar. when i look into modules - possitions, i see that in Right sibar i have assigned this modules: top sellers contentBox new products block with sales CMS block i try flush cache, turn on force compilation, also move with this blocks up and down, but right sibebar is still missing. Shop have default theme with some changes (is not finished yet, some colors is from default theme, but design is not my problem). adress of shop: http://diamantovenastroje.cz/ Can somebody help?
  6. Hello, I doing shop, where supplier is from € country, but he will be selling goods in country which have own currency. For this reason is better have prices in €. I add CZK and € in currency, add czech and german language and he had demand to have 3 customers grups (new customer, partner and wholesale). each of this grups will be have different price. Problem is, where i add specific price. If i add this rule for all currencies, presta dont use primary currency (€) and recalculate new price for CZK with actual price value (from admin - localization - currencies), but reduce price for CZK with the same value. so if i want reduce price for 6 € (6 € is approx. 164,55CZK in value, which is setuped in admin) with VAT for customers from partners group, i must enter value on € (6) and also different value for CZK (164,55 CZK). Is possible use actual price value from presta settings to recalculate price in different currency? If i have only 30 products setup for two another groups, its 60 changes. And changes can be few times in week. Can somebody help with this?
  7. problem was in advenced stock managment... when i turn it off, problem was solved.
  8. for example: product A: http://www.digitalne-vahy.eu/kojenecke-vahy/37-my-weigh-ultra-babyscale-mbsc-55-25-kg-x-2-10g.html shipping working fine product B: http://www.digitalne-vahy.eu/stotinove-vreckove-vahy/3-proscale-111.html No carriers available problem... For both products i have the same settings. first working ok, second getting me No carriers available error. can somebody help? i dont find any solution for this. presta is newest -, but problem with this is here some weeks - i lost all orders from this product - this product is still bestseller, even that few weeks its not possible to order it. I also try to copy product - dont work too. i try create new product with same data like product B and here is problem also. But when i create totaly new product, carrier working good... in carrers i have free postage, also this carrier is assign to all customers groups. category with product B is also assigned to all customer groups... also i have cheking zones and countries, here is all ok.
  9. Hello, i have big problem when somebody add product to cart: some products have carriers, but some products getting errors with carriers - No carriers available. I cant find problem...
  10. go to admin - Advanced Parameters - Performance and here enable force compilation. if dont help, try delete cache (also here).
  11. or some module for easy creating of html tables?
  12. Hi, i need add some products, which one product have more alternatives. I know that this is possible via attributes, but i need it somethink like is in img (in bottom):
  13. its possible use in bacground for product image another img, or set up transparent background? i have on default theme some modification - i use bacground img, which i change via global.css from default theme: body{ font:normal 11px/14px Arial, Verdana, sans-serif; color:#222; background:#fff url('http://mechanicke-vahy.eu/themes/default/img/white_marble.jpg'); background-position: center top; } but its look not to good... take a look on screenshot
  14. problem was in macromedia dreamviewer... i think that css was uploaded, but it was saved only local on my pc... it solved
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