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  1. Hi when regenerating thumbnails by height, how to modify the thumbnail generation function in 1.5 so that it forces the thumbnail to the height set-up in backoffice, even if the original image is smaller than the wanted height ? Thanks
  2. Hi I am using Prestashop 1.5. When I "regenerate" large_default thumbnails by Height. If the original picture's height is greater than the large_default's height (set in backoffice), everything is ok. But if the original picture's height is smaller than the large_default's height (set in backoffice), the large_default thumbnail is not regenerated by Height but by "Auto". I would like to change this behavior, and force prestashop generate an image that is the height that I set-up for large-default. Is it possible ? Thanks
  3. Ok thanks Is there a way to display the shop in English, independently from the user's browser language ?
  4. Sorry I think I talked too quickly...my prefered language is set to english, but the Front Office is still in French....do you know what can I do ?
  5. Sorry, I didn't know where to set it but I just found it : localization>localization Yes it is now And it is working as expected thanks for your help
  6. Hi I have 2 languages on my prestashop 1.5.3 website, English and French. I would like to always display the front office in English (wherever the user is from) and let the user the possibilty to switch to French if he really wants it. Can you help me figure ou thow to force English in Front office ? Thanks
  7. Salut merci pour ce module ! j'ai créé des liens dans un sous menu, mais je ne sais pas comment faire référence à l'url de la homepage de manière générique (pour que le multilanguage soit géré).... Je voudrais faire un lien dans un sous menu qui pointe vers le manufacturer1, soit : monsite.com/en/manufacturer1 si on est sur une page en anglais, ou bien monsite.com/fr/manufacturer1 si on est sur une page en français. Pour l'instant, si je mets seulement manufacturer1, quand on est sur une page produit qui inclut la catégorie, ça pointe sur monsite.com/fr/catégorieenquestion/manufacturer1....et ça donne une erreur 404. C'est possible de faire ça proprement ? Merci
  8. Hi this solution doesn't work anymore (changing the color in "$white =" in images.inc.php)...for 1.5 at least. Any new solution? thanks
  9. In fact, I just found out that the "Price rules" allow to do this. Thanks
  10. thanks I did exclude the subpages putting the noindex tag...but they still appear in google results...
  11. Thanks tomerg3. But I'd rather use a free solution. Prestashop should do this right out of the box. Any other ideas?
  12. Hi google search shows pages of unavailable products in my shop. How do I prevent this? example: http://eurosurfimport.com/fr/skateboards/54-monograme.html thanks
  13. Hi when I search for my shop in the google search, only the subpages of my site appear ? see here How to gather the results so that only the home page appears or the home page and the subpages as sitelinks? thanks
  14. Hi I need to set a price discounts for customer in a specific group, but these discounts have to be different according to the brand of the product. How to achieve that ? thanks
  15. Ok I get it, I went to translations/installed modules but I forgot to select my theme. Now it's good. Thanks
  16. thanks Vekia yes I confirm...still not possible to translate "brands" to other languages in the back office.
  17. Hi I wrote this smarty line in my blockmanufacturer.tpl {l s='Brands' mod='blockmanufacturer'} now I want to be able to translate "brands" into others language, but this string does not appear in the back office translations. Can you help please? thanks
  18. idem ici, j'ai la même erreur. (9)Bad file descriptor: failed to stat mapfile, referer: xxx un admin prestashop SVP!!
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