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Help: Counting Letters In A Texfield And Put Them Into The Shopping Cart


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Hi all. Meanwhile, congratulations to the PrestaShop software that I find really great and very useful!


I have a request to help a bit 'special.


I'm building a site, which is still in local, in which sell stickers personalized letters.


My problem is: I should find a way to make sure that the amount of letters of a textfield is counted in the amount of the cart automatically.


For example if i write MARIO in the textfield the cart has to count qt.y 5


The textfield Is created, but unfortunately I have no idea how to count the internal letters.


If it would not be easy, or is very complicated to make, I could use a small div next to the textfield showing the exact number of letters-numbers? (obviously not including spaces).


Thank you and goodbye.



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You can use a workaround: instead of creating stickers with textfields, create sticker placeholders for sticker types. Then create letter objects, and each of those letters will have a price. Of course, you can use multiple types if needed, maybe with attributes.


The other way would imply heavy core modifications with a strlen() on the text field, and some pricing computation I can't think about at the moment. Or you could create a new object type too



So, If I where in you, I'd go the first way

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