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Issue With Font And Images On Cms Page


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Hi everyone,


I´ve created a "Frequently Asked Questions" page with the CMS in prestashop.


I´ve copied the text from my word file which uses "Comic Sans" Font but it does not appear.


Also, I created an image to act as a header for the text, but it does not appear.


Here is my url.



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<img style="vertical-align: middle;" src="" alt="">


you must provide path to img properly, i've noticed that image doesnt exists on this path

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Put as image URL:



The font you should define in css. Just copying doesn't work. The text editor probably just changes it to current font.

Let me check if I can find where to change this for you... Please join in the search :-)



My 2 cents,


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I assume you added just a new CMS page in Preferences-> CMS right?


If so, edit your page text.


Begin by selecting the text you want to change font of in the Page content field. (Can be all the text, or just a part of the text, up to you)


Then the trick:

1) To facilitate finding the text to change and adding the font later, first change the colour by clicking on the "Select Text Color" button. Set it to green or so (or any colour you like).

2) Press the "HTML" button

3) Locate the String :

<span style="color: #00ff00;">

(N.B. #00ff00 can be different. It's the font colour you chose). Directly after this you find the text you selected.

4) change this line into the following:

<span style="color: #00ff00; font-family: 'Comic Sans MS', Geneva, sans-serif;">


or, If you don't want to change the text colour,take out the colour setting here as well:

<span style="font-family: 'Comic Sans MS', Times, serif;">


5) Press update and Voila, you'll see your text in the wished for font...

6) Don't forget to save...


Background info:

To know more about font-families, see:



(I gave three fonts to make sure there is a similar font selected if the user doesn't know Comic Sans. It 'falls back' to Geneva or ultimately to sans-serif. See w3schools link for more info about this)

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