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  1. I have a website with a few main categories on the top menu bar. If I press one of the categories, it takes me to a page with sub-categories as a vertical list on the left hand side. I would like the sub-categories to be shown in the center of the page in individual boxes with their own respective design. Simiilar to the ones on the following link. http://www.mgmayora.com/ How can I achieves this? Is there any module you can recommend? Thanks.
  2. Thanks, will check it out. Can you tell me how to rezise the homepage slider?
  3. Hi there, Below is a link to my website. How can I add 3 separate small banners just underneath the Homepage Slider? Also, how can I resize the homepage slider to make it smaller? (I tried from admin, but it doesn´t change). Website: http://marpaluna.com/es/ Thanks.
  4. Hi there, In each of my categories I have a banner. When I check from a mobile, a large part of the banner appears cut off. How can I resolve this? Here is an example: http://marpaluna.com/es/10-cajas-bases-y-envoltorios Thanks.
  5. Thanks for the reply Fred. Just checked, what you mentioned is the issue. I will add larger images. A question, on my front page, the banners appear very large. I change the size in modules of slider in admin, but it doesn´t make any difference. Do you have any suggestions?
  6. Hi there, If you check my site at the below link you will see if you place your cursor over the image, the lens zoom doesn´t work. How can I fix this? http://bit.ly/19rZh3N Regards.
  7. Thanks for the reply. I can´t find a Hook called "displaytop" section. Also, the Issue with Yahoo still appears. I disable it, yet it still appears. I have uninstalled and installed again, but no change. Regards.ñ
  8. Thanks for the reply Shacker. I have added your module to my site, but I can´t seem to be able to place it where I mentioned. Also, it always shows Yahoo icon. I keep pressing "No" to not select and save, but it keeps appearing. Here is link again. http://bit.ly/1v9I6xq Thanks.
  9. Hi there, Below is a link to my site. I am using the standard Home Slider for Prestashop 1.6. When I try to adjust the size in the admin, it doesn´t reflect on the site. Also, when I check the site from my mobile, everything appears except the slider. http://bit.ly/1L3cbAJ Regards.
  10. Hi there, I would like to add a two social icons (facebook and twitter) to the top right hand corner of my website. I have attached a screenshot with how I would like it placed. Anyone know how I can achieve this? Thanks.
  11. Buenos días, Tengo un problema con el efecto lupa con las imágenes de mis productos de mi tienda. Si pongo el curso sobre la imagen principal de un producto, en vez de hacer el efecto lupa, la imagen se mueve y permanece el mismo tamaño. Aquí tenéis un enlace para verlo. http://marpaluna.com/es/home/72-candy-melts-azul.html Si alguién podria guiarme a la solución. Gracias. Saludos
  12. Buenos Días, Estoy migrando mi tienda online a un nuevo dominio y alojamiento. He seguido las varias guias de este foro, pero algo pasa porque la web no carga totalmente. Si veis la página en http://www.tartaluna.com/ podréis observar que faltán muchas imágenes y si pinchas en un producto o categoria te sale "Pagina no disponible". Alguién tiene una solución? Gracias. NOTA: Lo he solucionado. Solo era que el url de la tienda no correspondia con el del admin. Ya funciona.
  13. Hi there, I´m moving my current shop to another domain and new hosting. I´ve ready many of the guides provided on these forums and have followed each step with the changes, but my site does not fully work. You can see my site at http://www.tartaluna.com/ and see first that a lot of the images are missing and also, when you click on a product or category it appears as "PAGE NOT AVAILABLE". Does anyone have a solution? UPDATE: SOLVED IT. The name of the shop did not match the url in the admin. Now the images and products appear.
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