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NEW Prestashop Auto-installer



Downloading, unzipping and uploading back via ftp 47 Mb of installation program is a pain, let's introduce you the Auto Installer!


Just upload and execute this php file : installer.php


installer.php is nothing but pclzip.php library code plus below code added to the end:


 $filez = "http://www.prestashop.com/download/prestashop_1.4.6.2.zip";
$pathz = explode("/", $filez);
$fileNamez = $pathz[sizeof($pathz) - 1];
copy($filez, $fileNamez);
$arch = new PclZip($fileNamez);
$arche = $arch->extract();


as you can see the last prestashop zip file url is hardcoded, which may be changed dynamically by prestashop.com admins if they'll add this server to server installation method available from the download page (which i swear)




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Is this an official auto-installer?



yes it is! ;-)


No, this is not an "official" anything, it was not developed by anyone on or associated with the PrestaShop team, and this is honestly the first we have heard of it.


I'm not discouraging you from trying it out for yourself, but please understand that this is in no way developed or supported by PrestaShop, and we cannot guarantee that it will not create any problems within your shop.



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