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    Unfortunately, that website is in no way affiliated with PrestaShop, so there's not much advice I can give you. I would recommend that you contact the developer of this module directly for additional assistance. -Mike
  2. Slow Prestashop.

    Hi Ignyte, Can you please post a screenshot of your settings in the Back Office under Preferences > Performance? -Mike

    I've actually never heard of this module. Can you please provide a link to where you downloaded it? -Mike
  4. blank page after enabling ssl

    Honestly, I would suggest that you consider switching hosting providers. BlueHost is a great option if you're set on using a simplescript because not only is their entire team very well-versed on PrestaShop, but we were actually involved in developing the simplescript, which ensures a higher level of compatibility and functionality. -Mike
  5. blank page after enabling ssl

    Unfortunately, I'm not familiar enough with JustHost's simplescript to provide advice on this because it actually isn't something our team has much input on. -Mike
  6. blank page after enabling ssl

    Did you reinstall it using a fresh copy of all PrestaShop files that you just downloaded, or the same files downloaded previously? -Mike

    What module did you install that led to this error? -Mike
  8. blank page after enabling ssl

    Yes, as long as everything is backed up properly, you should be fine. -Mike
  9. blank page after enabling ssl

    The products and their data are all stored in your database, which you can find through your hosting provider's cPanel. As for your theme, it should be listed in the /themes folder of your site. I hope this helps. -Mike
  10. Generate product combinations

    For that, you may want to look into this module developed by a member of the PrestaShop community. I hope this helps. -Mike
  11. blank page after enabling ssl

    In that case, I would recommend that you contact your hosting provider, as they should be able to walk you through the process. -Mike
  12. blank page after enabling ssl

    As long as you're sure to completely back up your database and double-check all the data first, that should be fine. -Mike
  13. Well I'm glad you were able to resolve this, and especially glad that you've made a habit of backing up your site! This is very important to do regularly for this exact reason. Happy selling! -Mike
  14. Hi drpython, Are you talking about the captcha to register here on our forums? -Mike
  15. Hi Lee, This can vary from theme to theme, so you may want to contact the developer of this theme directly. However, in the new default theme, that module is called Top Horizontal Menu. I hope this helps. -Mike