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Installing Prestashop 8.1 under Windows

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At the moment it is not possible to install the latest versions of Prestashop under Windows. There is some bug around that is discussed here. This situation has already been for lasting three months. If you try you will get an error at 56%. If you look in the error log of the server you will see something vague about Swifmailer. If you choose the retry option it will fail at 0%.

So the latest Prestashop version that you can install under Windows is 8.1.2. 

There is a provisional solution mentioned on Github. It involves changing the file /app/AppKernel.php. In the function getContainerClearCacheLockPath() you should change the line



$cacheDir = sys_get_temp_dir();

This is not an official solution and it may have some problems of its own, so don't apply it to your Linux installation. However, it will get your shop 8.1.5 shop installed on Windows.

Note that installing this version you may get the error "Warning: rename([]index.php.tmp,[]index.php): Access denied (code:5) in index.php on line 1338 ("error":false,"numfiles":28574,"lastId":29000)" with your path instead of the [].

When that happens you should go to the root directory of the shop, rename index.php.tmp to index.php and then run the /install/index.php file of your shop in the browser.

You may also get the OPENSSL_CONF error. That has been discussed elsewhere on this forum.

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