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Website not working with Chrome 119


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As of Sunday customers using Android telephone and Google Chrome version 119.0.6045.66 have issues using our website.

We are still running (a new website is being build at the moment and we expect it to go live at the end of the year), but in the mean time we hope to resolve this issue, because we experience a drop in sales.

Some of the issues:

- The website doesn't load correctly, drop down menus are completely open and cannot be closed.
- The cookie message at the bottom cannot be closed
- Selecting a different article in the drop down menu results in the standard article
- Once the customer continues to the basket to order the product he gets to see a completely different account information page
- ...

Could it be a template issue? And do you think that there's a way to temporarily fix this issue?

I am not a developer, but hopefully someone can help me.



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Hi ellenb4t,

I think a dedicated developer can help to fix the issue on your website and theme. If you have a paid theme then the theme developer can help.

If you want to test your website on multiple devices (iPad, iPhone, Mac OS, Windows etc) and multiple browser versions (Chrome, Firefox, Edge etc) then Browser Stack can help (https://www.browserstack.com)

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