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  1. You need to change the URL of the website in ps_configuration table with port changed.
  2. Thanks. I changed PHP version to 7.1 from 7.4. Rename var/cache/prod and var/cache/dev folders Now it is working fine.
  3. Thanks, I am getting errors as shown in the screenshot. We migrated the website to a new domain. The ps_configuration table for new domain URL changed , website working but drop-down not working fine.
  4. I am facing same problem, any idea. attached screenshot for reference. PrestaShop
  5. Lorsque nous effectuons la migration du serveur ou la mise à niveau, nous devons vérifier le nombre de tables pour gagner du temps dans la correction des erreurs.
  6. Thanks Works fine with 2 folders rename var/cache/dev and var/cache/prod . It will be generated again when doing clear cache from the performance menu option.
  7. Pourriez-vous partager le nom de domaine ajouté dans le tableau et la capture d'écran de la page d'erreur pour une meilleure compréhension.
  8. Tags have keywords and search engine works with keywords, therefore, help to know content related keywords on website
  9. Bonjour, Pourriez-vous vérifier l'URL de la table ps_configuration Essayez d'accéder au back-office avec la même URL dans la base de données sinon cela donnera une erreur 404.
  10. Bonjour, Je pense que le back-office de votre site Web a une configuration d'URL avec (https://www.etreoubienetre.fr) donc d'autres URL pourraient ne pas fonctionner et donner des erreurs 404. Cette URL a un plan du site sur le fichier robots.txt (http://vps-7e5b3a80.vps.ovh.net/prestashop/robots.txt) Pourriez-vous vérifier l'URL dans l'URL conviviale dans le back-office et essayer d'exécuter la même URL dans le navigateur
  11. Hola ¿Podría compartir la captura de pantalla del error 500, ayudará a encontrar una solución y una mejor comprensión de nuestra parte?
  12. Check link => https://www.presta-addons-modules.com/en/3-front-office The left side of the page has tags block as seen in attached screenshot.
  13. It is simple for example on the below website, I want to know module related to GeoIP, geolocation, how do I know either I will visit different categories or visits different product pages to find product. The tags save my time and make search easy using a single click I get a list of product-related keywords. The google search helps visitors to search using keywords and show relevant results same like this tags helps visitors on website to easily search content. Website => https://www.presta-addons-modules.com/en/search?tag=geolocation
  14. The tags help to search page or related products information easily for the user using keywords. It helps to search multiple related products using single keywords. It helps in SEO. The direct page might not be possible but a single page search result using a tag is possible. When a website has thousands of products then it is difficult for the user to navigate via categories and search required products easily, the tags make search easy.
  15. Thanks.it works fine. Regarding the child, module uninstall issue after the parent module uninstalls, I will share the screenshot. I see there is an include a statement that refers to the parent module but since it is uninstalled therefore shows the error as a missing file.
  16. After the module is installed, then click on configure option, it is redirecting to the URL => http://ww1.xpert-idea.com/
  17. Hi SmartDataSoft, Thanks for the documentation link. I am able to show different child modules using the Transplant module position left menu option and Themes & Logo two-column with right or left column option. I have the below 2 questions. [1]. How to embed YouTube video link from the editor in a blog post. I tried embed/ and other way but no success. [2]. When I click on the plus icon, I can see categories and blog archives, how to enable them by default instead click on plus icons to see the categories.
  18. ps_configuration table need to be updated for the correct path of the website from www.example.com/shop to www.example.com both HTTP and HTTPS URLs. The .htaccess file needs to be regenerated for the new website path and Clear cache files. I did in past by doing the above steps and it works fine.
  19. www.domain.com is the best option. Sometimes main domain has other applications therefore people use a sub folder inside the main domain.
  20. Hi SmartDataSoft, Where can I find documentation or video tutorial about showing left column Recent Post, Archive, Popular Post, Tags, and Search option on blog pages? When I install all modules, it does not show in left columns on blog pages, I will share the URL of the website. It will be easy and good if all modules combine in one installation, currently need to install blog module as parent module and all other child modules in order. When I tried to uninstall the child module, it gives an error missing parent module if it is uninstalled before the child module is uninstalled.
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