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  1. I will, thank you, but I've tried on multiple browsers, on multiple computers. Try adding this one: (just check every first selectable option). Thank you, Ellen
  2. It's a new store. It's running PHP 7.4.26 Thanks for helping
  3. Hi, when I click the add to cart button nothing works. Somewhere here on the forum I found out that you can actually see something with Chrome Webdev or something. When I load the page: Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 500 () When I click the button: core.js:2 POST https://avaghon.nl/configurator/module/idxrcustomproduct/ajax?token=c273139…&ajax=1 500 [email protected]:2 [email protected]:2 [email protected]:2 T.each.T.<computed>@core.js:2 (anoniem)@front.js:308 [email protected]:2 [email protected]:2 I have no idea what it means, I am not a developer. Can someone shine some light on the situation, or where to look? Is it a setting I need to change? PS: Thank you, Ellen
  4. Hi, I would like to have it in the category view: https://avaghon.nl/configurator/4-atlas
  5. Hi, has this been solved? If so, would you care to share? Thanks, Ellen
  6. Hi, I cannot find a solution to create a list view in PS 1.7.8 I know they took it out of 1.7, I searched the internet for answers, I find the same question, but so far no answer. But this is not a strange request, right? In the category page I would like a list view, anyone? If that's not working, then I would like 2 products per line, instead of 3. Why did they even remove this list functionality? Hopefully someone is able to help. Ellen
  7. Hi, thank you so much! It looks like it works fine! Best regards, Ellen
  8. Hi, We still run Prestashop on Customers using Firefox (at least the latest version) in combination with Windows are unable to login and the cart stays empty. They can add items, but once they click on the cart there is nothing in it: "Your cart is empty". I can reproduce the issue myself. FF in incognito mode works fine, Chrome works fine, FF on MacOS works fine, Safari works fine. Any idea where to look for the resolution of this problem? Is it a FF / Windows issue or can I change something within PS to make it work? If you need more info, please let me know. Thanks, Ellen
  9. I'm curious too. I tried to install the latest version, using PHP 7.3 (higher fails), but error while installing the addons: HTTP 200 - parsererror - Warning: Use of undefined constant _PS_ADMIN_DIR_ - assumed '_PS_ADMIN_DIR_' (this will throw an Error in a future version of PHP) in /www/modules/welcome/OnBoarding/Configuration.php Does someone have the solution to this?
  10. Standard theme a bit modified (colors etc.) And the old version of We only recently turned on stock info. I always thought it's a standard feature for the stock to also show up on the product page. I can only make the quantity visible.
  11. Hi Simonas, that's not really what I'm asking. I'm ok with these two statuses, but they don't show up next to the product on the product page. Unless I manually add the text to the admin quantity tab... I would like the standard 'in stock' and 'out of stock' to be visible next to the product on the product page.
  12. Thanks haylau, I'll get back to you. We might update first to a newer version and hopefully that will resolve some issues.
  13. You're right haylau, is really old. I don't know, because we only recently turned on stock management Maybe it's time to update, but we are a bit scared about that. And to which one should we update... decisions, decisions...
  14. Hi Haylau, thank you for your reply. It is the standard theme, but adjusted a bit (colors etc.)
  15. Nothing? This looks like a bug to me... is there no solution?
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