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Good afternoon, I apologize for all the inconvenience, I would like to ask about an error that I am getting.

AIt's my first time installing PrestaShop and I'm using Ubuntu for that, along with apache and MySQL.

AAmong several installation guides including in several versions of PrestaShop and in all of them I have the same problem.

"You must install PHP zip extension first"

I have the extension installed, I made changes to my server in the PHP versions, restarted the installation from 0 to everything, but still, I can't give the solution. I don't know if this happened to someone.

I'm really sure I'm doing something wrong, because I don't have much experience on the subject, thanks again.Screenshot_20230322-184017_Chrome.png.6ad881567d36b17b87895a3c73d751c8.png



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