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  1. Good afternoon, I apologize for all the inconvenience, I would like to ask about an error that I am getting. AIt's my first time installing PrestaShop and I'm using Ubuntu for that, along with apache and MySQL. AAmong several installation guides including in several versions of PrestaShop and in all of them I have the same problem. "You must install PHP zip extension first" I have the extension installed, I made changes to my server in the PHP versions, restarted the installation from 0 to everything, but still, I can't give the solution. I don't know if this happened to someone. I'm really sure I'm doing something wrong, because I don't have much experience on the subject, thanks again.
  2. Hi. Please help me resolve small problem. So I wanted set up prestashop ( V 1.7) and when I wanted proceed install, I received this error: (Pls see in pic) Quote:We can't start installation PrestaShop installation requires at least the zip extension to be enabled. You can contact your web host provider to fix theses requirements. So I went to my CP to turn on some ZIP. First I go to php pear packages and zip was installed. ✓ Then I go to php version selector - extensions. And turn ZIP on. ✓ So after I do this fast configuration all should by working but it's showing again and again ZIP error. I'm using googie hosting and 1.7 prestashop version. Current PHP version: 5.3 Googiehost cPanel Version 68.0 (build 28) Apache Version 2.4.29 PHP Version 5.6.33 MySQL Version 5.6.38 Architecturex 86_64 Perl Version 5.10.1
  3. Buenas tardes, necesito ayuda en la instalación por favor , me da error en la extensión zip de PHP tengo activada la extensión en PHP y Paquetes PHP PEAR, utilizo cPanel , a ver si me podéis ayudar por favor... ( adjunto imágenes )... Gracias
  4. Buenas tardes, gente, queria saber si hay algo que pueda hacer ya que cuando quiero subir un modulo me da este error. Ya modique el upload tanto desde el htacess como del cpanel en PHPVERSION pero sigue sin actualizar. Ta,bien desde el admin de prestashop en la solapa ADMNISTRACION. Alguna idea?
  5. Hi Everyone, I'm kind of a newbie on using prestashop, as I usually go for woocommerce (do not hate me). I'm trying to add a preexisting theme that i exported from a website and I'm trying to deal with this error that shows up in my administration panel: "The file size exceeds the size allowed by the server. The limit is set to 8 MB." To work around this problem i added these three lines on my htaccess file start: php_value upload_max_filesize 16M php_value post_max_size 16M php_value memory_limit 128M After doing this it continues giving me an error that this time says: "Error during zip extraction" (this was showed up in italian and i translated it in my poor english, sorry btw) So i tried adding my zip in /themes folder and going for the ftp method and it gives me the same second error. what should i can try, beside throwing my laptop by the window? I'm using version and the site is local based with XAMPP
  6. Hooks modules use seem to have to be defined in their install() methods, and install() seems to be executed only once per module installation. Thus, how do I reinstall a module without reuploading its .zip file? I just want Presta to reparse the existing files in /modules/foo without a hassle.
  7. So... I apologize if this is a widely known thing, but I have scoured the prestashop documentation as well as various Internet resources about this and have come up with bupkiss. The issue is that I am trying to resolve is the problem of entering multiple zip codes per county. I have each county's sales tax rate entered in the tax tab and when I go to enter tax rules into the state, I can only enter in one range per county. Now, I realize I could just enter county 1, county 2, etc. to alleviate this, but to be honest, I have so many individual ranges that this would be counterintuitive. Is there perhaps a method of entering in multiple zip codes per tax rule instead of just a single range? Could I put semicolons or commas or something like maybe: "xxxxx-xxxxx; xxxxx; xxxxx-xxxxx"?
  8. Hello everyone! I use the Prestashop and I have bought following theme: https://addons.prestashop.com/en/electronics-computers-themes/24665-mega-electronics-store.html and installed in my domain emia.shop. Now when I try to install it in localhost but also in my subdomain test.emia.shop (importing ZIP file), I get the following Exception An unexpected error occurred. [PrestaShop\PrestaShop\Core\Domain\Theme\Exception\ThemeConstraintException code 2] The theme includes the config/theme.yml file and also isn't included in another ZIP file. Where can the problem be ? Here also a screenshoot of the ZIP file that I try to import and also the screenshot of files that ZIP file contains. Thank you in advance!
  9. Hi everyone, I used to have a default theme for my e commerce and now I've decided to buy a new one. I've installed it from "design -> theme & logo -> add new theme -> import with FTP" (i've copied the new theme zip in "presta -> themes" with filezilla). When i return to "design -> theme & logo" i actually see the picture of my new theme but i can't click "use this template". If anyone knows what to do (the new theme guide only says: "Now to activate theme on your site from admin panel, Go to Design > Theme & Logo. Select our theme "Greylook" by clicking on "Use this theme".) That it's exactly what i can not do! Thanks!
  10. Hi, i develop some modules and now i try to upload it to the marketplace. I validate it before and the validator "loves me" But when i try to upload my zip it always quit with the message "Your module contains temp files. Clean it with ZipCleaner" I do that but still get the message. I try several things: - zip with mac, clean with ZipCleaner - zip with win, clean with ZipCleaner - zip with debian, clean with ZipCleaner if i list or open the zip, there are no temp files in it (like thumb or DS_Store) Did anyone can help me?
  11. Buna, dupa o instalare a ultimei versiuni Prestashop la accesare magazin pe domeniu "x" apare o problema: face trimitere la arhiva zip ,desi instalarea a fost terminata cu succes, baza de date este instalata, acces in back admin se face . Mesajul este An error has occured: Unzipping error - Unable to find the release zip file. Make sure that the prestashop.zip file has been uploaded and is located in the same directory as this dezipper. Cum se iese din aceasta bucla???? Multumesc.
  12. Hallo, habe ein Shop der 3D Druck Dateien verkauft, da diese sehr groß sind uns meist mehrere Datei für ein Produkt ist, habe ich alle gezippt mit 7-Zip. Die Dateien sind alle auf mein PC noch in Ordnung. Erst bei Hochladen und wenn der Kunde es nach Kauf downloadet ist die ZIP fehlerhaft. Kennt jemand das Problem? Habe die Dateigröße für Up-/Download auf Server und Prestashop geändert. Sonst verwende ich den Original 1,6.18 Shop Was mach ich Falsch? MfG
  13. I resolve the problem in the Country setting I have activated on "YES" this option "Restrict country selections in front office to those covered by active carriers" Hello I have a problem with my store in the Address, for new customer and registered customers. When I go to change or add the address is missing some fields, and I don't know why. The missing Fields is: "State", "Zip Code", And Country is show the field but the list is empty and I can choose the Country. I remember I made some change on the locations, this store will be for sale only to the 48 Contiguous states for USA, and for those states I setup 4 shipping zones to diversify the shipping price, so I Disable all other country and some other states we don't ship, but I don't know how this affect to show or hide those fields and how to resolve this. I was looking the authentication.tpl for see some hiding restrictions but I can't found nothing, if some one can help me with this. As you see in the image the first one is missing those fields and the second one show everything, the second is for other website is ready running but that is not shipping option they just order and pickup the items.
  14. Hi! We sell products with free shipping up to a certain zip code. All others need to pay an extra amount that is different for every product: Does such a module exist or is it possible to achieve? Regards Anders
  15. Hey guys, i searched for some weeks for something like this now and its a shame presta does not have the option built in imho. What i need is a solution that automatically fills in the right state of the country from either the city or Zip. I think i noticed that this works pretty well when i import eBay orders that get shipped to USA, but that is the only country that works. Germany or other european countries don't. The problem is the eBay imported orders, because ebay does not ask for, nor send the state with the address, but my carrier always needs it. So my only option at the moment is to manually search on google for every state before i can ship an order. If you could offer a working solution or a workaround (i export orders to Excel so it could be done there as well) Please Answer here or PM Thanks! Felix
  16. hello, i have prestashop , default template Zip code box does not appear when browsing from Mobile Phone !! When you enter the address of the mobile there is no place Add zip code and when pressed to save or continue to appear Note that you must enter zip code,, but there is no place to add zip code!!! What's the solution ?? thanks,
  17. Hallo, problem with my site... when someone want to crate account, it is missing ZIP/Postal code field. I tried to apply everything in forum, but it still not working. If I choice to change country and re - select it it appear right away, if not, it gives mistake. How I can make it default if country selected require it, like UK is default country, if someone press to create account, it is auto visible. my site: bellezzaitaliana.co.uk Thank you in advance.
  18. haroldsapparel.com prestashop 1.6 Theme948 I cannot process any orders because customers are unable to fill out the registration form with what it says is required. State is required, but there are no states on the dropdown menu, despite the fact they are listed and assaociated with the US in the backoffice. It also gives an error saying The Zip/Postal code you've entered is invalid. but there is nowhere to enter a zip code on the form. Any help with this is greatly appreciated.
  19. Hallo, ich habe einen neuen Prestashop installiert, nun habe ich festgestellt daß bei der "Kundenregistrierung" und bei "Neuen Adresse" hinzufügen die PLZ-Eingabe fehlt. Ich benutze das default-theme und habe bis auf neue Module zu installieren noch nichts groß gemacht. Hier im Forum habe ich zwar den eine oder andere Beitrag zu Problemen mit der PLZ gelesen aber kommen nicht weiter. Kann mir jemand weiter helfen, wie ich dieses Problem beseitigen kann. Schöne Grüße Danke
  20. Moin, Moin! Zur Info: - Apache/2.4.10 - PHP 5.6.0 - Speichergrenze 256M - max_execution_time 300 - PrestaShop-Version - MySQL 5.6 - Aktualisierte Dateien 271 - Fehlende Dateien 2(!) Es sind ".gitignore" und ".gitmodules". Diese waren aber auch nicht in der Original-ZIP des Downloads von Presta enthalten. Ich habe gerade heute zum ersten mal den Shop heruntergeladen und installiert - hab also noch keine Ahnung ;-). Zur Problematik: Klicke ich auf Voreinstellungen->Templates kommt bei mir die Meldung "Fehler bei der Zip-Extraktion". Zuvor hatte ich ein anderes Template (lighting, theme933) hochgeladen und installiert. Hier werde ich wohl auf den Entwickler zugehen müssen, da nach der Aktivierung des Templates bei der Eingabe von Varianten der Artikel im Frontoffice dann in der Detailansicht mit 0 Euro steht. Also habe ich das Template wieder deaktiviert und bin zurück auf "default-bootstrap version 1.0". Danach habe ich das fehlerhafte Template wieder gelöscht. Ab wann nun eigentlich diese Meldung gekommen ist, kann ich leider nicht mehr sagen. Fragen: a) Wo befindet sich auf dem Server die Logdatei, in der ich vielleicht sehen kann, welche Zip denn überhaupt ein Problem verursacht? Die Meldung "Fehler bei der Zip-Extraktion" hilft da nun wirklich nicht weiter. Kann diese Meldung auch durch ein Modul entstehen, oder betrifft es nur die Templates? Vorweg: Die üblichen Wege habe ich schon genutzt. - Cache geleert (ja, auch vom Browser) - Per FTP nachgesehen, ob unter themes noch etwas anderes außer default-bootstrap ist - Erweiterte Einstellungen->Log-Dateien steht auch nichts drin (außer natürlich die Löschung des Templates) - Mindesvoraussetzungen sind erfüllt, PHP.ini ist angepasst, cURL ist auch aktiv - Das gekaufte Template nochmals installiert und wieder entfernt, hat auch nichts gebracht Ich möchte jetzt eigentlich nicht anfangen, die Umgebung auf Debug-Modus zu stellen und dann lange selbst suchen ;-) Und nochmal alles löschen und wieder von Vorne anfangen - muss ja nun auch nicht unbedingt sein. Vielleicht hat von Euch ja jemand auch schon dieses Problem gehabt und kennt die Lösung?
  21. Hola a todos, estoy montando una tienda con la versión de prestashop y al realizar la instalación del tema http://addons.prestashop.com/demo/FO9324.html me muestra constantemente el texto "Se ha producido un error durante la extracción del archivo zip", aunque me permite acceder a la configuración de temas se muestra siempre: He realizado la instalación del tema de las 2 maneras siguientes: seleccionando el archivo desde mi mi ordenador subiendo por FTP el archivo zip en la carpeta /themes y seleccionándolo desde el desplegable de temas disponibles. subiendo por FTP directamente toda la carpeta del tema dentro de la carpeta /themes ¿Alguien sabe a que es debido este mensaje? Muchas gracias de antemano.
  22. Hi. If you sold virtual products, like zips, etc. maybe you have some problems with clients that cant download or get an error when download a file. You can try to add this line at the end of you .htaccess SetEnv no-gzip dont-vary AddType application/octet-stream .zip this disable gzip, but make work you downloads. You need to add all AddType as type of download you have.
  23. I've having an issue with the default theme used on prestashop 1.6, the State, and Zip Code fields are missing. My previous theme did offer the two fields. Customers cannot complete the accout setup process due to this problem. How can I get these two missing fields back. I'm not a coder and I am hoping there is a quick fix to resolve this issue Please help!!!!!!
  24. Buenos días, soy nueva en esto de prestashop pero de momento me parece una plataforma de sencilla utilización… Hasta que he pretendido cambiar la plantilla del tema. Tengo la versión y me he descargado de la página oficial de prestashop la plantilla New Bike de pago. Primero me pide la url definitiva del sitio y luego, cuando la descargo, no encuentro ningún archivo zip que es lo qeu he leído que hay que instalar. Tengo configur.xml, una carpeta modules y una carpeta themes. Dentro de ninguna hay un archivo zip. Lo que comprimido por mi cuenta e intentado instalar a través de preferncias/temas/añadir tema y también desdel themeinstallator de los módulos. Y nada. Alguien sabe qué puedo hacer o qué hago mal para no perder el dinero de la plantilla?? Muchas gracias
  25. Hello, I'm using PS without any problems and recently started working in PS for a new shop. But customers can not complete registration in PS, because the required fields Postcode/ZIP and Country are missing on the registration form. In PS I'm working with the default theme prestashop provides. Does anybody know how to fix this? See images A (of and B (new Thank's!
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