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change ftp folder to backoffice url access


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i am just installing the last version of ps1.7

prestashop naturally changed the url of /admin to a more secured one

and i'd like to change this one.

is it only in the ftp filezilla ?

do i need to change any right ?

as when i did, i obtained a error 500 !!

many thanks for your help

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Yes you can change it on ftp... Just don't use space or different characters (Only letters and numbers and - symbol)


And dont forget to clear your all cache on ftp..  Cache/smarty/all files without index.php

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1 minute ago, jetway said:

if your website is "mywebsite.com" go to the file manager and change the folder to "slkzierhifg68fdksd" then navigate to mywebsite.com/slkzierhifg68fdksd and you're good. 

hello Jetway, thanks for your return

it's what i've done from the beginning and i got a 500 server error....

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7 minutes ago, jetway said:

turn on debug mode and see what error is thrown back.

here is what i get :


in modules/welcome/controllers/admin/AdminWelcomeController.php (line 34)

class AdminWelcomeController extends ModuleAdminController


    public function postProcess()


        if (!isset($_POST['action'])) {

            throw new Exception('The action to call is not defined.');


        if (!isset($_POST['value'])) {

            throw new Exception('The value to set is not defined.');




in classes/controller/Controller.php (line 281)

            if (!$this->content_only && ($this->display_header || (isset($this->className) && $this->className))) {



            // postProcess handles ajaxProcess


            if (!empty($this->redirect_after)) {





in classes/Dispatcher.php (line 515)

            if (isset($params_hook_action_dispatcher)) {

                Hook::exec('actionDispatcher', $params_hook_action_dispatcher);


            // Running controller


            // Execute hook dispatcher after

            if (isset($params_hook_action_dispatcher)) {

                Hook::exec('actionDispatcherAfter', $params_hook_action_dispatcher);




in ********/index.php (line 97)

    if (!headers_sent()) {

        header('Content-Type: text/html; charset=utf-8');


    // Prepare and trigger LEGACY admin dispatcher






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