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  1. I was going to write remove the spaces after the comma and be careful not to add two commas accidentally.
  2. Which PS Version do you have? Are you using an URL Cleaner? I have the same issue as you, and I found out why. I am using the SEO Performance (URL cleaner) and Google sitemap. I have used it for a long time and it always worked fine until about 2 months ago. Anways... when I manually generate a sitemap, it renders it with the correct URLs (the cleaned ones). When generated through the Cron job, which has been my default way of doing it, it does not use the cleaned URLs but uses Prestashop default, including id numbers. The Problem now for me is that I submitted an URL to google through the sitemap, which is not reflected on my website, causing Google to exclude it. Example: So the URL of a product is www.example.com/product-1 (cleaned with URL Cleaner). The sitemap generates the URL as www.example.com/1-category/123-product-1.
  3. if you are using the gsitemap module from prestashop then running cron will screw up your urls. I had the same issue and everything was excluded from search because the submitted URL in your sitemap does not match the actual one. Big mess and i lost rank 1.
  4. I lost my entire search ranking in Google because the gsitemap Module by prestashop does not generate the right links when running it through cron. Thanks a lot.
  5. It's the order Status text that needs to be adjusted and can be found in my previous post's location. (PS1.7)
  6. Well, it depends on what the actual issue was. That's why activating Debug is useful in such a case. It throws you the exact error message and helps to find the problem. Did you enable SSL from the Backend, or how did you do that change? You can select enable SSL on all Pages from the Back end. If you start manually updating things, it might result in a Server Error.
  7. I believe the delay is theme related.
  8. Check the .htaccess on the top folder level and enable debug to get an error message.
  9. Yes, you have to go to the classic translation and change it there.
  10. Here is an example. Let's say you have an item called Cola and one called Pepsi. You add the tag soda to the Pepsi Product. In the description of Cola, you write, "enjoy the fresh and tasty soda". Even though only Pepsi has the tag, soda cola will appear because it's in the description. You might want to change the search behavior.
  11. With Prestashop core, I can only think of disabling all countries and States except for one. Leave the US and the state that the city is in enabled. Then, for example, change the state name to New York. Rename State to City or country to state or whatever suits you. Now that said, I know some modules allow you to set different delivery options for Zip codes. You might want to browse the Modules on Prestashop.
  12. Which Theme are you using? Most likely is a custom one that is not compatible with 1.7.7. Are you using any custom shopping cart or checkout modules?
  13. Removing an item from your store does not remove it from previous orders. The order details are saved in the database table order_details, which remains untouched. I believe your issue is related to customer accounts. How old are the oldest user accounts in your shop?
  14. If you are experiencing the issue described above in PS, then the fast and most comfortable fix is to download and copy the faceted search folder into modules of your installation. Overwrite everything and done. If you want it the more challenging way, you can go and update the files manually.
  15. Before doing anything, always create a backup of your store. Now, even with everything turned on, it's possible to delete multistore. However, it's a bit tricky and needs manual adjustment in the database. If you have shared any of the above, just deleting it from the admin section will not work.
  16. Well i cannot access your site as i receive a 403. However, are you using a custom theme or a Recaptcha Module?
  17. Hi, is it your intention to disable all overrides? An Url Cleaner, for example, will not work or any modules that do overrides. Are you sure your theme and Modules work properly with Smart Cache for CSS, Smart Cache for Javascript, and Apache Optimization activated? If you're having issues with Javascript not being loaded, I would disable the smart cache for Javascript and see what the behavior is.
  18. The next Screw up is the Faceted Search. I wonder if nothing is tested. So here we go. If you create a feature, let's say "Bottle" and add that to all your products sold in a Bottle. Then you make that feature available so your customers can filter for it. If you have 1000 Products with that feature assigned to it, Search will show you 1000 times bottle as an option to select from.
  19. Which stripe Module do you have installed. For testing purposes i installed the official one, and I changed the text in translation under installed Module Translation.
  20. Did you move to a new Webhosting and copied your site? Anyway...what comes to my mind is that It might be because your .htaccess File in the main folder still points to your old domain, which I understand is not in use anymore.
  21. I would guess that you need to go to Translation, and then you select installed Module Translation and the language you want to translate. If it cannot be found there, it might be in the Module configuration.
  22. Is it hosted on your Webhosting or through Prestashop? Which version of PHP and PS are you running? I honestly don't think it's a hacker. He would be posting some other crap instead of a 403. If you can Access the Data File System, you can check the .htaccess file if IPs have been blocked or if the folder permission has been changed. If you are unsure, contact your hosting provider for support.
  23. Prestashop Core does not support that behavior. If you want to achieve it, you will have to modify the script. But I know for Discounts there are tons of Modules available where one of them undoubtedly will cover what you are looking for.
  24. If you go to the page you just mentioned, you see a list of Categories you have created. Behind each category, you have a checkmark, or across, you can click on that icon to enable or disable the category. If it's a subcategory, then you need to click on the magnifying glass under actions to expand the list.
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