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  1. Let me try to explain ours problem again… Now we have 2 language 2 currency and 2 different tax. Montenegro Language - Euro Currency (Tax %21) - (Default Language Montenegro - Default Currency Euro on BO) Serbia Language - RSD Currency (Tax %20) So far everything work correct! We add 1 product back office 2 different specific price for euro and Serbia If we add specific price - setting ; (Dinar, All Country, All Customer) - Price is 5575 RSD (Tex Excl.) - This Tax incl. price must be 6690 RSD (Euro, All Country, All Customer) - Price is 47.85 Euro (Tax Excl.). - This Tax incl. price must be 57.90 Euro On FO… You can see Euro Tax incl. Price is CORRECT (57.90 Euro Tax incl.) - (Tax is %21) But if we change currency to RSD on FO... tax incl. price is 6745.75 so its WRONG (Its must be 6690 RSD) ! Wrong Because Serbia Tax is %20… but its still calculate %21 default currency tax… Anybody ? Thanks PS: If we add specific price country Serbia and Montenegro - Then on FO product page its show price is 0 for both currency…
  2. Merhabalar, Prestashop Order_conf mail de aşağıda eklediğim ekran görüntüsündeki alanlar boş gidiyor. Ancak bu alanlar Faturada mevcut... Yardımcı olabilir misiniz?
  3. Just login to Leo Bootstrap megamenu Module and add menu title... And give a link .. Save your setting.. Clear Cache
  4. Hello, Yes you can change it on ftp... Just don't use space or different characters (Only letters and numbers and - symbol) And dont forget to clear your all cache on ftp.. Cache/smarty/all files without index.php
  5. Hello, First Try to clear your all cache on BO and ftp Cache/Smarty All files wihout index.php! And try to change your image name...
  6. Hello, Probably problem is you add a tax excluded price... So after tax on checkout its show you tax included price...
  7. Customer / Groups / Edit All "Price display method" Tax included... And clear your cache
  8. Merhabalar, Prestashop'u ingilizce olarak yükleyin. Daha sonra admin panelinden yeni dil ekleyebilirsiniz.
  9. Mobilde kontrol ettiğimizde ana sayfada ürünleriniz çift olarak gözüküyor... Ekran görüntüsü gönderebilir misiniz?
  10. Hello, We just found this... And i guess its a bug... We have 2 different language and 2 different tax (Serbia, Montenegro) (RSD , EUR) *Default Language is Montenegro and currency Euro *Montenegro Tax %21 *Serbia Tax %20 We are using specific price for RSD and Euro (Specific Price Setting - 1: RSD, All Country, All Customer) (Specific Price Setting - 2: Euro, All Country, All Customer) We add 2 different specific price on BO product edit - Add Specific Price... for montenegro and serbia (tax excl.) So far everything work correctly... But on FO product page.. 1- If we choice currency is euro and Tax inc. price is correct. (Calculate Tax is %21 and its correct) 2- If we choice currency is rsd and Tax inc. price is wrong (Becuse its still get montenegro tax rate %21... Its must be %20...So price is wrong) Ps: But if customer login and choice country... On shoping cart price calculate tax.. and work correct Anyone can help us? Thanks
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