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Bulk import features with ":" within its values


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I'm using the latest Prestashop version (1.7) and still have found no way to import URLs as features of my products.

I've seen workarounds that involve changing prestashop files but still would imply going to each product configuration screen and add the feature.

So, my generic question is: how can we use csv bulk import for values containing ":" in fields where ":" is a separator character, like in "features (x:y:z)?

Is there any way to change the importer to look for a different char, for example? That would be an easy solution...

Thanks in advance!


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I would think the easiest solution would be to replace : with a different character that does not break the import (like ; ), and after the import is complete, run a replace query on the DB table and switch is back to :

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Thanks. That could be a possible yet not nice workaround.

I've gone around the problem by including the hyperlinks directly in the product description, where html is fully supported.

Still, would be great to be able to have hyperlinks as features.

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