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[solved] Email credit card info with SSL


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Hi guys,

I am pretty new with PrestaShop. Have one question.

I have store/website setup with prestashop. But I dont want to use any automated checkout system, because I already have merchandise system in my physical store.

I want to receive user's credit card info with email so I can manually charge them at my physical store.
So to do that I want when user fill the payment form on checkout page, website send email to admin with these info using SSL. And then admin opens his email and charges these credit cards manually.

So my questions are:
1. Is this secure if this form use SSL?
2. How can I do that? Any module or addon? or any reference will be really appreciated.

Thank you very much for any help.

Very appreciated


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No, e-mail does not use SSL and is by default insecure. You should not use it for sending creditcard details.

You can use S/MIME for e-mail which is related to SSL, but that is hard to set up. I would search for another solution that doesn't use e-mail.

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I am using secure email now. i do not know what S/MIME is (possibly involves installing a matching certificate at each end)

you can send secure emails by using smtp and setting PS to use the secure email servers.

most shared hosts will not use TLS on port 25, but rather SSL on port 465. you will more than likely have to use you hosts secure email server even if you have your SSL installed and a dedicated ip. It will be something like mail.hostmonster.com, use port 465 and SSL.

by using SSL (TLS is a newer type of encrytption that can work over port 25 + some other things but not always available) the data is encrypted between the webserver/email server/and probably the target email address to prevent middlemen attacks.

hope this helps

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