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  1. Error: invalid email template

    Thanks Rocky. Very useful tip. I had an issue with the Shipped email not sending. It was exactly as you said. No template had been selected.
  2. how do i get those images back on the frontpage?

    Hi In BO Modules & Services, go to Theme configurator. You will find the place to place/change the images there.
  3. OK thanks, I can see now that with the CCC for CSS turned off it's better to see the code. But it looks the same for all the footer pages. But I don't see why would the product page have a different colour or background image? Thanks.
  4. SQL command

    Hi DataKick Appreciate your time in putting this together for me. It's a bit late this evening but I will study it over the coming days to see if I dare have a go with it. I will post back when I have a result, good or bad Appreciated. Edit: Just a thought, would it make the job easier if I captured all the product ID's ?
  5. Hi Nemo I just turned it off, cleared the cash on PS and my browser but its still the same I'm afraid. Thank you.
  6. SQL command

    Hi Thanks for the advice. Actually all of the products are in the other categories as well. I need to have the products that are in subcategories 13, 14, 15 16, 17, 18 and 109 also included in the parent category which is category 2. If this is complicated or a dangerous thing to do I will have to go through each products association manually Thanks.
  7. Hi Could anyone give me a pointer on what's happening please. The footer colour changes on the product page. On the rest of the pages it's just fine. I'm using V1.6.1.13 and my site is HERE Appreciated.
  8. SQL command

    Hi, With a fresh mind I relooked and you were totally correct. The problem was my Home Category was 1 and not 2. So using the original query removed all from Category 2. So now I need to have all products in subcategory 13, 14, 15 16, 17, 18 and 109 to also be included it Category 2. Appreciate your further help. Thank you.
  9. SQL command

    Hi Alexandre Thank you for the quick response. I tried that but unfortunately no change. EDIT: Just for clarity I want to have the home category uncheck for all products. Right now all products have this:
  10. SQL command

    Hi Could anyone having MySQL database experience tell be what the command line should be to en-mass uncheck the home selection in Products>Associations please. The site I am working on for a friend has about 500 products with Home selected so featured products has a few too many selections :-0 Thanks.
  11. Finally found the solution. In Google Analytics API setting I had the wrong prifle ID for the V3.0 with OAuth 2.0 Corrected this and all is good.
  12. Hi Nemo Yup, tried that one as well.
  13. Hi Nemo Yes tried that. Hi have access to a installation with working stats, do you think it worth trying those modules on this site? Thanks. Edit: I just tried replacing the dashboard activity module from the earlier version. This module is responsible for the dashboard left column including the traffic part in the image above. No change. I also tries switching out the visits and visitors module, also no change. So reinstalled the originals. At a loss now where to look.
  14. Hi Using, fresh install. Sit has been running around 3 months and making a few sales. My Dashboard stats have always been at zero. I have tried to reset all modules relating to dashboard and stats but still the same issue. URL is https://tankpads-asia.com Thanks for any advice.
  15. Urgent problem with order!

    If you just switch themes you should lose any configuration. But it's always a good idea to make a backup of your site. At least you can then go back to how you are today should something go wrong. But switching themes shouldn't do that. At worst you may need to move some module positions and redo the the single column front page and 2 column on the rest of the site. Good luck.