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  1. Did you ever find a solution to this? I have been googling for a good two hours with no avail...
  2. I have a screenshot of my module and a screenshot of the bankwire module attached... mine has the sidebar but bankwire doesn't. Ya know, I saw that when researching but it is set to false and always has been with this module I couldn't find anywhere else that had any impact on the sidebar, either in the controller/module or views... so i'm confused //controllers/front/payment.php class AnyPayPaymentModuleFrontController extends ModuleFrontController { public $ssl = true; public $display_column_left = false;
  3. Is there a guide to changes between the module interfaces for 1.5 and 1.6? I am adapting my module and for some reason I am getting a left sidebar on the payments controller... the Bankwire module does not have this sidebar, and I have followed the code as far as I can but can't find a reason... am I missing something easy?
  4. Hi Pascal, That is a good question. If necessary, we can add a notification regarding PCI compliance both on our website and within the module itself. For background, the "Offline Creditcard Module" has been around since 2008 and has historically had a notification in the back office that reads: "No guarantees of data safety or reliability are expressed or implied, use according to your merchant agreement only. " and "Warning: Some issuers prohibit storing CVC / [spam-filter] numbers on your server. It can be a breach of PCI compliance. Only select this if you know that it does not breach your contract, and you know the implications of such a breach." In the end, almost all Prestashop installations will not be (anywhere near) PCI compliant. This module was created in such a way that it can be used to collect ANY data... if that data REQUIRES PCI complaince, as Credit Card information does, it is on the shop owner to determine that their system meets the requirements. We will take suggestions here -- that's exactly what this post is for. Thanks, -Kevin Klika Lead Developer Pursuant Solutions
  5. Hello fellow Prestashop developers! INTRODUCTION I have had the privilege of working with Prestashop for a very long time, and originally developed the Offline Creditcard Payment Module. In an effort to provide as useful a payment module as possible, we have begun to develop a payment module that we dubbed "Anypay". This module is offered by the development group Pursuant Solutions ( http://pursuantsolutions.com ) THE MODULE Anypay v0.1 Beta allows shop owners to define any combination of fields to collect during the checkout process. This can be set up to mirror the old functionality of the Offline Creditcard Payment Module, but it can also be used to collect whatever information you need... A Bank Account Number... a Purchase Order Number... anything you can think of! Any combination of the following field types can be collected during the checkout process and are available in the back office for later processing. Text (or number) Fieldset Date Masked Textbox HTML Tag Group [spam-filter] Creditcard Number Creditcard Issuer The intent is to offer as many field types as possible, in separate, easy to modify field classes. Currently the only payment processor that is available is storage of the data in the database... but because the processor is also an easy to modify separate class, it could be adapted to be anything as well. (Send an email, process against a payment gateway, add an entry to an external billing system...) WHAT WE NEED... Testers! Are you a Prestashop developer that would like to be involved in this project? Here's what you need to do... Simply head over to http://pursuantsolutions.com/product/anypay-v01-public-beta-release and follow the simple free checkout process. You will need to register an email address, but this is simply to allow account management and support ticket management on our site and will not be used for any other purposes. You will be able to download the zip file and install it on your dev site and report any bugs or feature requests at http://pursuantsolutions.com/ticket/add ! WHATS IN IT FOR ME? Anyone who assists in the testing of this module by submitting test results, bug reports, or feature requests will be given a free download of the module once it is production ready, to use as they see fit. It's that simple! Thanks for your help, Prestashop On! -- Kevin Klika Lead Developer Pursuant Solutions
  6. The specs for the feature are still being spec'd out. Is different surcharges per issuer something that would benefit you as a merchant? Also, do you want to charge a % or a flat fee?
  7. Yes, I just tested with Prestashop successfully. The current version for PS1.4.x does not support surcharging. This was not allowed by issuers until recent legislation was enacted. It will be a feature of the PS1.5.x version of the Offline Creditcard Module, which we will release once the final PS1.5.x version has settled. Yes, which is why I have never marketed this module as "PCI Compliant". The PCI requirements apply mostly to the environment in which card data is used. The module itself is compliant, but your environment might not be. Realizing this, most servers we experience have internal MySQL servers (localhost-only). As noted above, the notifications for this forum are hit-or-miss. I get a digest once a week, if it comes at all. This is not the place to get support, as I have noted in my posts... If you need support, please contact us at [email protected] -Thanks Kevin Klika Pursuant Solutions
  8. Please contact me directly by emailing [email protected] I would like to see what problem is happening and resolve it. Thanks! --Kevin Klika Pursuant Solutions
  9. @trenthanover - we discussed this one over e-mail. It is available in the back office on the order review screen. If you click the box titled "Purchase Information" the card details will be displayed. @coyners25 - yes this module is still for sale. It is sold on this site http://pursuantsolutions.com/product/offline-manual-credit-card-payment-module . The site was down for about a week and a half while we were repairing a database, but it is now fully operational. Thanks, I always try to respond to posts in this forum, but if you ever need immediate assistance please email [email protected] --Kevin Klika Pursuant Solutions
  10. The module is configured by default to delete the card information when the order status is changed to 'Payment Accepted'. This option can be configured in Back Office >> Modules >> Creditcard >> Configuration >> Advanced >> Order States >> 'Delete On'. You can select as many or as few as you want. I do suggest, however, that you do delete card information from the database. Keeping it after an order has been processed is probably against your merchant agreement. Thanks, it was created as a way for existing stores to get into online sales without having to commit to a payment gateway. I hope it serves your purposes well. I always try to respond to posts in this forum, but if you ever need immediate assistance please email [email protected] --Kevin Klika Pursuant Solutions
  11. Offline (manual) Credit Card Payment Module v4.031.production New Version Released March 2012. Offline Credit Card Module is the newest version of the offline creditcard module. It has been designed to work efficiently with Prestashop v1.4, and is backward compatible with Prestashop v1.3. The customer is presented with a standard creditcard entry form, which is configurable by the shop owner. Once the card details are entered, they are encrypted and written to the database. The shop owner can access this information in the back office for processing later (or 'offline') through their existing cash register system or credit terminal. Features: -Selectable "Authorized Card Issuers" -Multiple selectable fields with validation - Name -Number -Issue Date -Expiration Date -CVC code -Address Verification Option (require delivery and billing address to match) -Advanced Order State Management -Automatic issuer selection based on card number SEE IT FOR SALE HERE
  12. @ngruy For onepage checkout, you may need to modify the payment.php file slightly. Comment out the line that looks close to this (not at a workstation right now, this is from my memory): if(!$user->isLogged()) Tools::Redirect(...); and everything should be ready to go! --Kevin Klika
  13. @LeGhe Your ticket was replied to on Mon, Oct 17 2011 11:29am . Resent the message. --Kevin Klika
  14. @rhink Please submit a support ticket at http://support.pursuantsolutions.com/ We will need more information to be able to assist you. --Kevin Klika Pursuant Solutions
  15. @rami Email is far less secure, and a violation of PCI compliance! --Kevin Klika Pursuant Solutions
  16. @gbaby I just installed the final version of Prestashop v1.4 and installed the Offline Credit Card Module. The entire process works fine. Can you enable error reporting on your shop and attempt another purchase? (ie set ini_set('display_errors', 'on'); in the configuration file.) Knowing the error would help a ton! Thanks --Kevin Klika Pursuant Solutions
  17. Seems like the PS team made some changes between the RC and the final version. I will do some experimentation tonight with the final version and figure it out. Thanks for the report! I will post results later. --Kevin Klika Pursuant Solutions
  18. @gbaby: I am having this problem on another customer's site as well. What version of Prestashop is this? Do you have translations? What is the default language? --Kevin Klika Pursuant Solutions
  19. @cidmacenter Yeah, I noticed that after I posted. I'm glad you figured it out. When in doubt, check file permissions! --Kevin Klika Pursuant Solutions
  20. @cidmacenter What issue are you referencing? It sounds like a file permission issue to me. --Kevin Klika Pursuant Solutions
  21. @Matteh: I emailed you a couple days ago asking for some type of access to your back office to try to resolve the issue and you never responded. I would rather have you use the version you purchased, as it is newer and has a better platform. Please contact me about setting up a time to take a look at the new version together, if you desire. --Kevin Klika Pursuant Solutions
  22. @matteh Did you completely follow these directions? 1. Process any outstanding orders with the old version. Their card information will be lost during the upgrade. 2. Put the site into maintenance mode (not required, but it is best practice). 3. In the back office, uninstall the old version, then remove it's files completely from the server. 4. Install the new version as usual. If you need more help please contact me directly @ kevin (dot) klika (at) gmail (dot) com and we can walk thru a resolution together. Thanks, --Kevin Klika Pursuant Solutions
  23. @deepee Can you apply a surcharge... It is against cardholder agreements to charge the customer a 'fee' to use credit. So no, it is not currently supported. If your cardholder agreement lets you do this, then contact me and I can edit the module for you. Can the page be altered to include a text.... Yes, you can either manually edit /yourshop/modules/creditcard/tpl/payment_execution.tpl or I can modify the module for you. Can the card verification abbreviation be changed to [spam-filter] I think it is called CVC in the module, but it is set to translate. So in BackOffice>>Tools>>Translations>>Modules>>Offline Credit Card, you can set CVC to translate to [spam-filter]. --Kevin Klika Pursuant Solutions
  24. Prestateam, I love you guys. This product is cool, its great, and its free. But the DAMN CODE is awful. Absolutely awful. Figuring out how to code modules around your constantly changing formats is all I do. I spend 80% of my time reverse engineering this script in an attempt to get around the HORRIBLE lack of documentation. The new changes from 1.3 to 1.4 are frightening. FrontController is extended by every other controller, but it has functions called from other scripts (if its a base, why should you EVER call FrontController::anything()????). There isn't even Computer Generated documentation for this script. There is nothing. NOTHING. I'm very upset with the direction this script has taken. It has an active record pattern that still uses 30 line long SQL queries. It is the most procedural code I've ever seen that still uses classes. If a class is a model for a database, it shouldn't contain static functions. That is all that Prestashop uses. I have considered branching off of prestashop because of how its being managed and coded. It is impossible to code in. I wish I had someone to talk to about this because I have so much to say. But, alas, only a quiet forum awaits me. I can hope that by Prestashop 2.0 it is a COMPLETE rewrite. If it is not, there is no hope in this project. Thats all. --Kevin Klika
  25. Info in the db is encrypted. It is only decrypted when you view an order, for security. --Kevin Klika Pursuant Solutions
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