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IEEE Standards for Prestashop Developers, Core Module update &/or global.css map/guide for designers


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I am a FAN of prestashop... features and function make it a designers dream, most of the time.

But I have several sites with prestashop and As I add on modules, both paid and unpaid I am continually frustrated with the fact that one uses one version of jQuery and another module that may be on the same page used an older version of jquery, or that two different modules both modify the cart.php file making it so that you can only use one, using them in conjunction makes one or both crash or do hanis things to your site.

This stinks!

I think the developers might apprecieate specific standards that would be set for developing prestashop modules so they are not having to figure out what messed thier module up each time or correcting coding on another developers module.

I have a few suggestions for those that are working hard on the newest releases of Prestashop.
Please let me know how I can help as a humble designer? (e.g. create 50 block header designs)

Just a thought but with Modeling and simulation development the industry has now gone to standards, many of web developers are going to IEEE standards too.. I think we need Prestashop Module standards just for developers to get this straight. It would solve about 50% of the issues I see on this forum.

Also if someone would develop a simple theme editor that would be a part of the core prestashop during the next release you could eliminate many of the issues on this forum.. something that would let you change, block headers with colors or images, add a horizontal bar with drop down, add icons to nav bars both horizontal or vertical, add sliding categories not just the plain old plus sign, allow the background colors and block colors to be changed and maybe allowing the image map plus sign to be replaced with something more opaque and your good.

Most of this is simple by just using firebug, finding the image and replacing it or finding the line of css code it is on and replacing it so I can not believe it would be that hard.

Lastly I think it would be AMAZING until that theme editor is done to have a proper guilde/diagram to navigate the global.css page (e.g. this module header can be edited on this line# of global.css code like an image of the standard presta layout with each area having the global.css line number so that non-developer/deisgners are not messing things up on their site.) This would be great for NON developers/designers to use.

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Personally, I think global.css is too huge.
It needs to be broken up into sections and built using the @import directive.

I took all the button code out, since I wrote a program to "build" my gradient buttons dynamically instead of having images,
and put it all in a separate CSS file and put this at the top of my global.css:

@import url("buttons.css");

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