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  1. I used this in 1.4.7 version, worked great! As soon as I upgraded to version it stopped sliding all together. So I uninstalled it and downloaded your latest version, reinstalled it and now I can not even save an image in BO, and it still is not working in front office. IM me for log in details.
  2. I set up the site using a new hosting account with webhostingpad.com, worked great and no problems, so I moved the name servers for the domain to the new hosting account so it would show the perfectly working prestashop site. Once moved it gave error "Link to database could not be established" I saw this post http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/166088-solved-link-to-database-cannot-be-established/ and tried the trick of changing the line 12 in config/settings.inc.php file from define('_DB_SERVER_', 'localhost'); to define('_DB_SERVER_', ''); Well that got the front office up and working great! BUT.. the back office will not let me in. gives no error message or anything.. just hit log in and nothing same screen. HELP!! email me for site details if you can help please. Thanks, Tina
  3. yes I am in 5 of my stores.. and it is very intermitten.. automatically disabling after days, or hours or minutes.. sometimes works for a week. CRAZY I put a bug request in here: http://forge.prestashop.com/browse/PSCFI-1735 you may want to follow it. Good luck I have verion, what version do you have?
  4. I have 5 stores all have SSL installed correctly.. all were fine, and now that they were upgraded to they now all have SSL errors.. and even though I click enable the SSL.. I will go back when the error pops up again and it will look like it was never checked.. it has the click here to enable SSL thing, I click and it is green.. all good.. but keeps happening over and over and in all five stores. THIS has got to be a prestashop error..what gives? HELP!!!
  5. I believe after you have installed SSL you need to do two things.. 1. in the back office under Preferences tab click the enable SSL link, then YES to enable SSL. Be sure to SAVE by scrolling all the way to the bottom and clickthe save button. 2. Go to the TOOLS tab then click the sub tab GENERATORS this click regenerate my htaccess file That should fix it. Good luck!
  6. Hey newbie.. this solution was awsome all along but the new verion I am not seeing that file to edit.. Can you tell me where I make the changes now?
  7. Our company is growing its websites so fast.. up to 12 new online prestsashop stores.. and I was using HostGator until now. I called looking for a more cost effective solution than the business plans at $179 a year to have a SSL certificate and static IP address for each site... I talked yesterday to 8 people there via chat and telephone who really could not find there way out of a paper bag with the exception of one guy Sean who seemed to know his products and options.. he suggested on business account same price with unlimited domains and a multi-site SSL.. great for the 12 sites I had with them.. after confirming all the costs and reviewing the detailed steps to proceed with this great idea.. I paid the extra $275 to proceed. After they get thier money.. they have the head IT ADMIN LINUX guy Ryan call me to hit me with the bad news.. the sites will be brought down on purpose if I have 5 site hits on any 5 sites at one time.. in other words only allowed 25 pings to the server at one time.. since this plan involved all sites on one server this clearly would have my sites down (all) instantly with the traffic I already have. So basically they sold me a product that could never work and don't want to give me my money back the same day it was ordered now that I want to cancel this option with this information. further they charged me $150 to move the sites on the other servers to this server..not told to me in advance.. and not even done yet but charged without permission. So.. DONT GO TO HOSTGATOR folks.. if you have multiple stores you want to stay online. If your doing one site or two.. go for it.. I had no problems. until today for all of these sites. Instead I reccomend ixwebhosting.com.. I was able to get 15 dedicated IP domains for only $190 for 2 YEARS!! The ssl's were only $50 each but there checking into getting me a multi site ssl to reduce that cost.. they also have better servers and resources so I can have up to 300 -pings at one time..and because they are splitting the servers my sites are on it is a win win for everyone! I called 24 web hosting companies to try and do this same thing and over 70% were clueless about this type of thing.. This company first guy on the phone knew his stuff.. Mel Vidal was his name.. sharp as a tack and delightful to speak to..got me all the info in a simple and concise manner. Good luck.. if you want to ask me more just shoot me an email I will be glad to help you get your prestashop site hosted right.. [email protected] Just piping up!
  8. checkout Nivo slider.. it can hook anywhere you have a hook, email me for free one.
  9. Edit header.tpl line 46 where I had corrected the line var priceDisplayPrecision = {$ ... to var priceDisplayPrecision =' {$ When I removed the ' and saved and uploaded the categories appeared. Even though it says there is a syntax error on that line.. with the ' removed the categories re-appear.
  10. Not dissing the mass update module.. I have it and love it.. but I was able to do some cool stuff with storecommander module too.. there is a free version at storecommander.com and I was able to upload mass image files, change categories for filtered lists of products instantly, change pricing for a whole category by a percentage and so many other things that make it a little more valuable to me. check it out... and good luck!
  11. I used something called off line credit card module where by it temporarily captures the cc data, then I use mail alerts to notify me there is an order, I immeidately grab the data and change the status which deletes the data to keep it secure.. then I use the "Square.com" or "SquareUP.com" app to process the cc payments. Online the charges are only 4% if I have the card in hand the charges are only 2.9% and I have the funds in my account next day. I highly reccomend it. Here is the offline cc module link: http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/58273-module-offline-credit-card-payment-v401production/ Here is the square link: https://squareup.com/ what I like about this is the great software on my phone and I can use it to accept cc's at trade shows or onsite to upgrade scuba lessons.. or upgrades to add videos or picture packages for tourist divers.. great for impulse buying
  12. your very welcome.. there is more posts like this with many more tips and tricks for importing data! Must admit I learned so much more since this post! check them out.. search import
  13. guys actually one of the biggest things to slow down your search is bad data entry.. In the Meta-name and description fields and such. Note you should not have any <, >, #, =, {, }, or ; symbols AT ALL and specifically in the friendly URL field you should have NOTHING BUT LETTERS, NUMBERS AND THE MINUS SIGN - Any other symbol at all can totally mess up your site speed. I would start there to check your data! This got my sites from a load time of .9 to .1 seconds also my searches from 1.1 to .2 seconds. Next, yes you can require a minimum number of words to search, see in back offices Preferences>Search. That is where you can adjust those settings. You can also "REINDEX" there and index any missing products there too. Both will speed up and better your searches. That should take care of the problem folks! Good luck! Many Tanks, Tina
  14. Morna, can you put on here what you fixed in case someone else has the same issue.
  15. found this post that said to go to tools>generators> and rewrite the htaccess file.. I had same issue on one site and this worked.. instantly.. try it. See this post for reference: http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/52570-solved-images-broken-after-update/
  16. Try redrawing the thumbnails in back office. Prefreneces>images choose category images and redraw
  17. so bummed I just bought this thinking it was the PERFECT solution, Yeah to Tomer ONCE AGAIN cause he is so awesome, then I go to install it and find out it just does not work for shame on me for not reading the fine print when ordering but I am hoping that Tomer's amazing customer care will come into play and he will udpate the module for us paying folks for the newest version.. PRETTY PLEASE Tomer Free discovery scuba dive for you if your evern in Florida to trade ... Thanks, T
  18. Tomer, I need this for version and I just bought it.. order number 27909 on your site presto-chango.com I just tried to install it and nothing. Can you update this for the versions? Thanks, Tina
  19. Guys the best solution is just to upgrade. I fixed my shops pile of issues by just upgrading. It was scary and I had to re-do my css but fortunately I kept a list of the changes and with the new version it is allot easier to see where to edit in firefox with firebug. Ultimately, everything I had done to core files to fix the sites was fixed with the upgrade including this issue.
  20. I am all messed up.. I was editing version 5 of this software, then I read the above post and upgraded it to the latest one.. now my code is useless, I can not find where to edit it and the file is worse than ever. Starting all over with version 5. I would not edit it in an excell file. I edited only the PHP file and then just clicked update feed file in the back office of this module. Once you edit it in the php file it will update your entire feed file to include it.
  21. Well that was not so good, I installed the update and now.. MORE ERRORS THAN EVER! I would really like to know why the supplier reference number and not the REFERENCE field is being used as the Unique identififer and i want the manufacturer name to be my brand name.. This has my id #'s as: pcen-1, that is not even in my product detail?? Where is it coming from and This php file i can not even view in dreamweaver to fix. This is the response from Google. I am going back to my older version. Item Errors 315 items affected Missing required attribute: condition (315 errors) Please make sure you include all required attributes in your data feed. Examples: Item ID Line Nr. pcen-16 96 Show Item pcen-27 288 Show Item pcen-32 356 Show Item pcen-45 657 Show Item pcen-67 1,011 Show Item Item Warnings 743 items affected Invalid UPC value (315 warnings) Please make sure the value is a valid UPC value. Learn more. Examples: Item ID Line Nr. Value pcen-13 74 0000000000000 Show Item pcen-14 92 0000000000000 Show Item pcen-35 440 0000000000000 Show Item pcen-49 722 0000000000000 Show Item pcen-87 1,281 0000000000000 Show Item Missing recommended attribute: google product category (315 warnings) While items missing recommended attributes will process successfully, we recommend including relevant attributes if they are available. Missing recommended attribute: image link (57 warnings) While items missing recommended attributes will process successfully, we recommend including relevant attributes if they are available. Missing recommended attribute: mpn (46 warnings) While items missing recommended attributes will process successfully, we recommend including relevant attributes if they are available. Missing recommended attribute: brand (7 warnings) While items missing recommended attributes will process successfully, we recommend including relevant attributes if they are available. Missing recommended attribute: product type (3 warnings) While items missing recommended attributes will process successfully, we recommend including relevant attributes if they are available.
  22. I have received some errors when I did this months google base updates based on the new enforcement of googles new requirements. I had to make some changes to the googlebase.php code.. starting at line 88 Please note the Product category is based on google's taxonomy. This was able to better retrieve the brand, the ID number, the condition and the manufacturer part number.. all part of the new googlebase..therefore you would need to look up your product category in googles taxonomy list here and edit this field below with the proper google category on yours. Mine was vehicles and parts for this site. Use the link above to find yours and change your code below (example here in RED) for the "<g:google_product_category>Vehicles & Parts</g:google_product_category>\n" part of the code to your category in the taxonomy list above. I hope this helps anyone trying to get better rankings on google shopping for thier products.. it has my site turbosupplycenter.com dominating the entire first page now with any part number look up on my site. I tested it and it worked perfectly with NO google errors. . "<title>".xml_convert($Product['name'])."</title>\n" . "<g:brand>".$Product['manufacturer_name']."</g:brand>\n" . "<g:condition>new</g:condition>\n" . "<description><![CDATA[".$Product['description']."]]></description>\n" . "<g:expiration_date>$expire_date</g:expiration_date>\n" . "<g:id>".$Product['reference']."</g:id>\n" . "<guid>".$Product['reference']."</guid>\n" . "<g:image_link>".'http://'.$_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'].__PS_BASE_URI__.'img/p/'.$image[0]['id_product'].'-'.$image[0]['id_image'].'-large.jpg'."</g:image_link>\n" . "<link>".htmlspecialchars($link->getProductLink($Product['id_product'], $Product['link_rewrite']))."</link>\n" . "<g:price>".Product::getPriceStatic(intval($Product['id_product']))."</g:price>\n" . "<g:gtin>".htmlentities($Product['ean13'])."</g:gtin>\n" . "<g:availability>In Stock</g:availability>\n" . "<g:google_product_category>Vehicles & Parts</g:google_product_category>\n" . "<g:product_type>".$Product['id_category_default']."</g:product_type>\n" . "<g:mpn>".$Product['reference']."</g:mpn>\n"; if ($Product['weight']>0) $items .= "<g:weight>".$Product['weight']." ".Configuration::get('PS_WEIGHT_UNIT')."</g:weight>\n"; $items .= "</item>\n\n"; $this->_addToFeed($item); }
  23. Its all good. Thanks so much for all you do. I am still a loyal Prestashop fan, even more so since you finally convinced me to upgrade all my sites!
  24. ajax-cart.zip Attempt number 3 Lets see Looks like this worked but it would not accept the original file. I had to zip it first. Ahh haaa There ya go
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