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What ownership should prestashop files have?

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I have been having a lot of problems with file ownership and permissions with my test site (ps1.7.4), unable to update, not having access to folder contents on file manager and theme elements now missing from my site.

My hosting have tried a few things (one having file ownership set as nobody) but they say the ownership should be set as the cpanel login name. Reading many similar posts on here some say it should be set as user 'yourdomainwiithoutwww', not as root or username. Does this include the .com etc?? i.e for www.prestashop.com should be 'prestashop.com' or 'prestashop'??

Others have said that prestashop files should set running the command chown -R www-data:www-data (Then the username can be added as a member of www-data group, by the command sudo adduser user www-data, user can be replaced with your username) but other people say this is incorrect and you should install suPHP on the server (SuExec). 

I can't find any information on the official documentation site but need to figure out whats correct for my VPS.

I appreciate any help

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You don't need any special permissions for PrestaShop. They just have to be "right" for both - PHP and FTP access. I switched my hosting company because of this kind of problems.

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