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User Account Creation Question


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I've been working on a project that utilizes prestashop. I've been trying to find the script handling the process of creating user accounts.

I found this in authentication.php

/* Call a hook to display more information on form */
$smarty->assign(array('HOOK_CREATE_ACCOUNT_FORM' => Module::hookExec('createAccountForm')

I can't find this module in my presta directory. I want to find out how prestashop inserts new accounts into its database.

Can anyone help?



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The code you listed is not for creating user account. It is hook to call other related modules after a new user account is created. The code that add user account to database is the first line of following

       if (!$customer->add())
           $errors[] = Tools::displayError('an error occurred while creating your account');

actually the real code is "$customer->add() ".

If you want see further code, go find add() in /classes/Customer.php
and /classes/ObjectModel.php
and /Db.php

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