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Got error, 504 gateway timeout AH01071: Got error 'PHP message: PHP Warning: Declaration of Inix2Mail


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Hi guys, 

I got a question where i'm stuck at in my shop. 
Since a few days BO dashboard doesn't load (504 gateway timeout) and sometimes it loads (slowly)
Now did we update our shop 2 month's ago to and php 7.1 (as our provider doesn't support anything lower then 7.1 any more)
All seem to have gone ok, till a few days back.... 

We have checked every error log but only found one, that comes in when we try to get to the BO dashboard. 

{code} [client ************] AH01071: Got error 'PHP message: PHP Warning:  Declaration of Inix2Mail::Send($id_lang, $template, $subject, $template_vars, $to, $to_name = NULL, $from = NULL, $from_name = NULL, $file_attachment = NULL, $mode_smtp = NULL, $template_path = _PS_MAIL_DIR_, $die = false, $id_shop = NULL, $bcc = NULL) should be compatible with MailCore::Send($id_lang, $template, $subject, $template_vars, $to, $to_name = NULL, $from = NULL, $from_name = NULL, $file_attachment = NULL, $mode_smtp = NULL, $template_path = _PS_MAIL_DIR_, $die = false, $id_shop = NULL, $bcc = NULL, $reply_to = NULL) in *.*/modules/inixframe/classes/InixMail.php on line 3\n' {code}


Now i've checked Inixmail.php but really don't know what to change on line3. 



class Inix2Mail  extends  Mail {
     * @var Inix2Module
    public static  $module;

    public static function FrameSend($template, $subject, $template_vars, $from = null, $from_name = null, $file_attachment = null) {

        $template_path = self::$module->getLocalPath().'inixframe/mails/';
        $template_vars['{module_name}'] = self::$module->name;
        $template_vars['{module_display_name}'] = self::$module->displayName;
        $template_vars['{module_version}'] = self::$module->version;
        $template_vars['{module_author}'] = self::$module->author;
        $template_vars['{ps_version}'] = _PS_VERSION_;

        return self::Send(0,$template,$subject,$template_vars,self::$module->author_email,self::$module->author,$from,$from_name,$file_attachment,null,$template_path);
    public static function Send( $id_lang,$template, $subject, $template_vars, $to,
                                $to_name = null, $from = null, $from_name = null, $file_attachment = null, $mode_smtp = null,
                                $template_path = _PS_MAIL_DIR_, $die = false, $id_shop = null, $bcc = null) {

        $configuration = Configuration::getMultiple(array(
        ), null, null, $id_shop); {code}

Any help would be fine and can this also be the problem to the not loading BO dashboard? 


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