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Is there anyway to not have a ssl and just use Paypals security? Where can I go to edit the settings for the ssl or maybe turn it off so that people can get through to choose paypal?

I have a shared ssl but I heard that prestashop will not work with a shared ssl.

Is there anyway around purchasing a ssl to use prestashop.

Thank You!

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If you use standard Paypal module instead of Paypal API version, you will be able to use Paypal without SSL. And also there will be no SSL warning at all. I also have stable Paypal module that has many more additional features like Express Checkout/break down product details and more,.. if you are interested you can check the link at my signature.

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thanks man that setting to turn it off worked great!

Here is another one you can maybe help me out.

I want to export just the categories and product data from one database and import it into another. What do I export to only get the info I want. I have tried and tried this with errors. I can do a total backup and that works, but I just want to import category and product data only.

Any ideas on this?

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