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Database Field for Delivery Time


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Hi everyone,


I am trying to find the database_field for in-stock and out-of-stock delivery time in PrestaShop 1.7, but I couldn't locate it on the database scheme.

I would like add a custom delivery time for each product via .csv import.


Where are these fields located and how are they actually called?


Best regards,



PS: Corresponding fields in Presta Backend added as attachment (Can be found under "Shipping" settingof each product).


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On 8/18/2018 at 12:21 PM, Knowband Plugins said:

Sorry! My mistake. Fields are available in PS1.7.4 version.

These values are being saved in product_lang table. Please refer to delivery_in_stock and delivery_out_stock columns.


can you please let me know how can you display this informations on product details page?

I tried to add the following code in product.tpl and it doesn't display anything


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If defined, you can access by:


And create conditions like in product-prices.tpl :

{if $product.additional_delivery_times == 1}
    {if $product.delivery_information}
        <span class="delivery-information">{$product.delivery_information}</span>
{elseif $product.additional_delivery_times == 2}
    {if $product.quantity > 0}
        <span class="delivery-information">{$product.delivery_in_stock}</span>
        {* Out of stock message should not be displayed if customer can't order the product. *}
    {elseif $product.quantity <= 0 && $product.add_to_cart_url}
        <span class="delivery-information">{$product.delivery_out_stock}</span>


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I would like to change the "Delivery times" from "Default delivery times" to "Specific delivery times for this product" via .csv import.

Do you know how to do this  please ?

The column is "additional delivery times" in the table "product". But i don't know if we can change the value via import.


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In this column i put my delivery time like "2weeks" for example. This time is add in "delivery time of in-stock products:" section, so it's perfect. But "Specific delivery time to this product" is not selected. So the delivery time "2 weeks" doesn't appear on product page...

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I found another solution. I change the value of "additional_delivery_times" in the ps_product table in phpmyadmin. I put 2 which corresponds to the third choice in the back office namely "Specific delivery times for this product".

To change the value I do this UPDATE `ps_product` SET `additional_delivery_times`="2" WHERE `additional_delivery_times`=1;

Then I import my products with two columns for "delivery time in stock" and "delivery time out of stock"

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