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  1. Bonjour, @iziGwen, cela semble corrigé à partir des version suivantes du module. Dans mon cas, j'ai la version 4.1.0 du module CMCICPAIEMENT et la table `cmcic_notification_event` ne s'est pas créée, ni à l'installation du module, ni à sa réinitialisation, ni à sa désinstallation/réinstallation ! Pourtant on l'a bien dans la fonction install() du fichier cmcicpaiement.php : public function install() { $this->updatePaymentPortalUrl(); $sql = 'CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `' . _DB_PREFIX_ . 'cmcic_notification_event` (' . '`event_id` INT(10) UNSIGNED NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT,' . '`cart_reference` INT(10) UNSIGNED DEFAULT NULL,' . '`code-retour` VARCHAR(15) DEFAULT NULL,' . '`created_at` DATETIME DEFAULT NULL,' . 'PRIMARY KEY (`event_id`)' . ') DEFAULT CHARSET=utf8;'; } Cela a pour effet de générer l'erreur suivante : *ERROR* v1.7.6.4 2020/06/21 - 12:28:33: Table 'monprestashop.ps_cmcic_notification_event' doesn't exist<br /><br /><pre> SELECT 1 FROM `ps_cmcic_notification_event` WHERE `cart_reference` = "189" AND `code-retour` = "paiement" LIMIT 1</pre> at line 769 in file classes/db/Db.php D'autres cas similaires ? Une idée ?
  2. Hi @[email protected], seems clear. If you open your browser's developer tools (F12) in "Console" tab, do you have some red alerts? If you enable debug mode, do you have more errors?
  3. @[email protected] Issue is fixed with PS 1.7.6, do you have a screenshot?
  4. Hi, I've you tried, in General settings to : - switch ON "Allow iFrames" ? - switch OFF "Use HTMLPurifier library" ? And disable debug mode on Performances page. For me it works on PS Move previous code out try construct was giving me following:
  5. Bonjour, J'ai conçu un module de qui permet d'ajouter des pages boutiques (ou magasins) dédiées et tout fonctionne très bien. Ma seule problématique se situe au niveau des routes, qui elles-même fonctionnent très bien si l'option "Rediriger vers l'URL canonique" est à "Aucune" mais qui dès que j'actionne la redirection 302 mène à une pseudo "404" si le mode débug est désactivé. Mon URL réécrite est de la forme "https://www.monsite.test/fr/store/1" et si le mode débug est activé je vois qu'elle est redirigé vers la page non réécrite "https://www.monsite.test/fr/index.php?controller=storepage&store_name=1&module=k3d_storelocator" qui elle même redirige vers la page d'accueil sans que le controller de mon module ne soit interrogé. J'ai l'impression que le souci se situe au niveau du Dispatcher de PrestaShop qui récupère les routes de tous les modules. Voici la mienne, y aurait-il quelque chose de mal configuré ? public function hookModuleRoutes($params) { return array( 'module-k3d_storelocator-storepage' => array( 'controller' => 'storepage', 'rule' => 'store{/:store_name}', 'keywords' => array( 'store_name'=> array( 'regexp'=>'[\w-]+', 'param'=>'store_name' ), ), 'params' => array( 'fc' => 'module', 'module' => 'k3d_storelocator', 'controller'=>'storepage' ) ) ); } Merci pour toute aide à la résolution de ce problème.
  6. The best way to do an upgrade is to use Module 1-Click Upgrade : https://addons.prestashop.com/fr/migration-donnees-sauvegarde/5496-.html You can find more information about it in devdocs : https://devdocs.prestashop.com/1.7/basics/keeping-up-to-date/upgrade/#1-click-upgrade-module
  7. At your place, I will inspect source code (with your browser dev tool) to check which CSS rule (and from which file) is different between two websites versions. It can be a little fastidious if you are not front developer.
  8. No, new products imported have an auto rewrite url naming if you didn't have a "rewrite URL" column in your CSV file.
  9. I used Meld to compare your two files, I attach here a copy. All lines beginning by "<!--" are deleted because they hare comments that are deleted when debug mode is disabled, so it's normal. The last 2 blue lines pointing a different number id for footer_sub_menu but it's normal because this number is random for each page call. So problem didn't come from your HTML DOM but from an asset file like JS or CSS. I think to a problem of compilation but it's hard to debug without warning messages.
  10. Well, you're module seems open-source, and I found image you're talking about here : https://github.com/202-ecommerce/stripe_official/blob/develop/views/img/logo_visa.png Agency is 202-ecommerce and developper "jhoarau" seems reactive because last module update is 3 days ago. So if you have a GitHub account, you create an issue here: https://github.com/202-ecommerce/stripe_official/issues
  11. Very strange, I never encountered this problem^^ The best (but not easy way) would be to compare the DOM of your two layouts and compare them to see where is difference. It can be a missing CSS/JS file or instruction that break the layout when debug mode is disabled.
  12. Have you clean your cache? All your products have a "default category" checked?
  13. What is your (shop) nationality? By sample in UK: Source: https://www.gov.uk/invoicing-and-taking-payment-from-customers/invoices-what-they-must-include If you just need PayPal, you can easily disable all others payment methods
  14. May be a "cross selling" module can do something you want. By sample: https://addons.prestashop.com/en/cross-selling-product-bundles/7942-related-products-cross-selling-all-in-one.html
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