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  1. check the requierements https://devdocs.prestashop.com/1.7/basics/installation/system-requirements/ Thee is a lot to check.
  2. have a look into the database there you might find the email you are looking for. Back up DB before touching.
  3. Daten sollte man absichern vor dem Löschen, je mehr desto besser.
  4. Das geht glaube ich nur im Rahmen php7.0 bis php7.1 das sind die versionen die z.Zt ausgephased werden.
  5. You need to find someone who's done that before and give him clues, like from shop (name of the shop) to prestashop (version of the shop) Uploading is not the issue, making it work is.
  6. My guess is that your hosting went from php 7.0 to 7.1 or 2. You can move your shop to a VPS and maintain the php version for some time. We do moves if needed PM me
  7. Arreglo Prestashop, cambio de Servidor, posicionamiento de sitios web, entre esto shops. etc. Te paso correo.
  8. then you need to find head.tpl in your themes folder
  9. under Head.tpl don't you have a admin area where adding adsense script is usually done?
  10. than block the IP and stay vigilant to block the next attempt. Good luck as you will need it.
  11. all requirements satisfied? Apart from permission setting.
  12. .htaccess Ip blockage is enough? Where do your clients come from?
  13. Just tell them to use a different browser. If they choose to use a restrictive browser you cannot do a thing to make it work.
  14. The page loads for me. Look at contabo and get a VPS, even the smallest business VPS will give you more than a shared server. €60 a year. You need a know a little though to set it up. I can give you a hand if needed.
  15. vaciaste el cache? Browser cache y Prestashop cache.
  16. En el mismo servidor? O un dominio diferente en el mismo? Versiones PHP igualitos? Permisos igual etc.?
  17. Title tag no indication if shop or not. Alt tags: WHOOSH is not really a searchterm. No footer, no indication where the site actually is a part from the UK Number. Just a few to point you in the right direction.
  18. You should set up the VPS to run php7.1 and go the update to 1.6..1.24. Than concentrate on making that shop of yours work, i.e. make money. The update game for a shop coming from is endless once your run above php7.3. Your modules are not updated and to update a module $10 won't do it.
  19. You can rent a VPS for little money and maintain php in the parameters required for some years to come. From you can have all what worked in that set up. The advantage is that you don't have to follow the update circuits shared servers request from their customers.
  20. How much are you selling over Facebook and Instagram? You can post actions on social networks but with little follower numbers sales won't make a big dent. Your site needs attention.
  21. Some of the 1.6. x.x modules won't work in 1.7 versions. The 1.6. versions are quite stable why did you seek an update?
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