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Check if another module is installed

Tomas Jancik

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Not so hard to find, just search in Module class and you will find this :


if (Module::isInstalled('XXX'))


Here is example code I use during module installation:


if (Module::isInstalled(modulenamelowercase))
 Module::disableByName($this->name);   //note during testing if this is not done, your module will show as installed in modules
 die(Tools::displayError('You must first un-install Module xxxx'));

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I came across this thread trying to find the way to check if a module is enabled, not installed, so I leave here the info just in case someone else need it:


This function is available from Ps onwards. For prior versions you can only check if module is installed with

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I'm making responsive product tabs. I'd like to display this tab if crossselling is enabled. What would be the code?

{if Module::isEnabled('crossselling')}...{/if}


Is it Smarty code or just a typo? If it is, why don't you check if module is enabled at hook function?

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It's smarty for product.tpl using bootstrap nav tabs. I'm still learning. I tried to find documentation before posting to the forum.


I would check if module is installed in PHP code and send it as a variable to smarty.

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