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  1. you can you http://www.google.com/addurl/ to make google crawle your site earlier but still it won't be immediatelly. you always have to wait for some time
  2. sure. if the hacker know what platform you're using and there are some security issues, than he has better chances to hack your site
  3. I have made an XML feed to provide some services export of our products... this is done in feed.php file, but I want to allow access to it through feed.xml address, so I put the following line into my .htaccess file RewriteRule ^feed.xml$ feed.php [L] I've put this before all other rewrite rules, but doesnt work, when I go to feed.xml, prestashop keeps opening with message that the reqeusted site is not available...
  4. not yet. sorry.... I'm no working on transfering my eshop to prestashop (as I used zen cart so far) and the deadline is comming very fast but I have this in mind and will fix it soon, hopefully by next week.
  5. I guess there wont be any problems... just that when the custommers registers on one of your domain, he'll be registered on all possible problem could be if you want to have different settings for each shop
  6. if you're running on the same hosting (IP) it should be very easy in step where you define database settings, you'll put the same for all your domains
  7. you'll need a server with the database running and then you can set all your shops to use this one database...
  8. the logo is also included in emails sent to custommers, so you'll probably have to change it also in the mail template...
  9. not sure if you can achieve this in the way you described, but I think of a different sollution you can create a category and select the permission so its only visible to a specific group of custommers...
  10. Hi I'm working on my own module, but it required another module to be installed before, before my mod can work properly... can you please advise me how to check if the required module is installed from the install() method?
  11. if you still have problem downloading from the prestashop website, you can get it from my personal "archive" http://archive.tomasjancik.net/prestashop/prestashop_1.3.6.0.zip
  12. you need to edit the CSS file of your theme... add p#header_user_info, ul#header_nav li { float: right; }
  13. you can rename the folder to whatever you want you just need to remember it so you can access the backoffice
  14. Hello Upravil jsem puvodni modul Google Analytics aby pouzival novy kod a byl umisten v hlavicce Stahujte zde edit v kodu se objevila chybka, kdy byla natvrdo nastavena domena na kvalitnibatohy.cz link ke stazeni jsem proto odebral a brzy nabidnu aktualizovanou, opravenou verzi... Pokud jste jiz tuto verzi stahli a pouzili, prosim odstrante ji nebo si domenu sami opravte v kodu...
  15. Hello I edited the original Google Analytics modules to use the new code and hood in the header of the page You can download it here edit There was a mistake in the code (domain name set staticly to my eshop)... I removed the link and will provide the corrected version ASAP If you already downloaded and installed the old version, please remove it or fix the domain name in the code...
  16. nastavil jsi spravne prava pro ty vypsane soubory/adresare?
  17. when you're creating each product, you can select in which categories it should apprear...
  18. tohle bych spis nez pres modul resil pres cron kde bych scriptem ziskal data z jednoho eshopu a vlozil je do druheho... o konkretnim reseni ale nevim
  19. you can ask owner of the shop from your screenshot, if he could provide you we his module... or if you need contact me directly via PM and I could prepare such module for you (if you just need to display the image with some link)
  20. You can create new module block to achieve this... but it requires some PHP programming knowledges.... A good guide to writing your module is http://www.ecartservice.net/17072009/writing-your-own-prestashop-module-part-1/
  21. depends or from whom you purchased this module, but he should provide some kind of support if have trouble with it
  22. this happened to me when I was working on my own module and made some mistake in it... try to remove the module from the server and ask its developer for help
  23. in Orders -> Invoices there is a chois to disable them but I dont know what how it works, didnt try
  24. exactly, when adding new product, you have there a tree listing of all categories where you can check all categories in which you want to display the new product
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