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[SOLVED] Wrong price showing on product page with combination price reduction


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 Hey all, 

I'm having a problem with a wrong price displaying on a product page. The price that is wrong has a price reduction in the combination settings. When I put the product in the cart it does show the correct price and also in the category list the price is correct.

I've seen that other people have had a similar problem and I have tried alot of different 'solutions and fixes' but nothing is working for me. 

Is there anybody that knows how to solve this problem. It is greatly appreciated.



I've solved the issue. In a previous version of prestashop ( I had used combinations with a price impact.  The price was shown correctly on the product page in this version. So I uploaded certain (old files i thought the error could be in, to see if the price would show correctly, and it did!

The error is in controllers/front/ ProductController.php

Change Line 462 from this:

$combinations[$row['id_product_attribute']]['price'] = (float)($row['price'], null, Context::getContext()->currency, false);

To this:

$combinations[$row['id_product_attribute']]['price'] = (float)$row['price'];


This fixed my problem anyways. Hope it helps people out!

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solved the problem (see edit history)
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