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If You are having slow BO turn off Cron task or Gamification module


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Just disable the Cron module. Do not uninstall it - just disable. It will still work but Back office will back online again.

If You can't go to BO just run it in phpMyadmin with

UPDATE ps_module SET active = 0 WHERE name = 'cronjobs'


EDIT: sometimes gamification module is causing same issues. Turn it of with same command 

UPDATE ps_module SET active = 0 WHERE name = 'gamification'

I was checking everything for 2 hours, everything. VPS, tracert, my internet provider, mysql issues until I found out in strace on php that It was hanging on cronjobs module. Lot of ppl were experiencing this so I think this might be a good idea to share with this to the others.

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On 10/12/2018 at 5:50 AM, El Patron said:

we released this free module to fix PS addon's connect.  Can be removed after PS upgrades their infrastructure.


The module is $ 28.90. We do not say $ 28.90 is free! Perhaps it is different at your end.

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