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Show header only on 1st page of Pdf


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This post is regarding PS 1.6

I am generating  invoices PDF, and the length of the invoice PDF is of 2 pages, and both the page have  header and footer, but I don't want header from 2nd page onwards for which I tried the following code in \tools\tcpdf\tcpdf.php inside Startpage method nearly on line 4094


if($this->numpages == 1)

It worked, and the header was not getting displayed from 2nd page onwards, but the issue is, it is still leaving margin space from the top of the 2nd page due to which a blank space is getting displayed on the 2nd page.
For Resolving I tried the following code on classes\pdf\PDFGenerator.php inside the writePage method. nearly on line 217

if($this->numpages == 1){

$this->setMargins(10, 40, 10);


But by this, all page are getting affected.

Any help will be appreciated. 

IN000009 (18).pdf

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I found a solution for this. 

// Page footer public function Footer() { if ($this->page == 1) { $this->SetMargins(PDF_MARGIN_LEFT, PDF_MARGIN_TOP, PDF_MARGIN_RIGHT); } }

set margin back to normal on footer

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