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Add 2 date fields when the user confirms the order


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Hey there guys, I need 2 date fields in order to know when to pick up something and when to drop it! the user before confirming the order in this case for a laundry service, needs to choose the date when the laundry stuff should pick up his/her clothes and when to deliver it when cleaned! i was thinking about adding a date field on ps_order, however im new on this and i don't want to screw it hehe, anyway, thanks! =)


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My best suggestion is use the comment area of the order.
Ask customer to input drop date/and pickup date.
See attached screen

It is not an easy task.
If you really want to do database change, here is some guidance

1. You need to add fields to database table ps_orders
2. You need to add fileds to /classes/Order.php
maybe some SQL statements
3. Related UI at front store : order confirmaton page
4. back office UI at AdminOrders.php
5. Some thing more depend


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