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Thanks you so much for this latest update. By far the best yet! This is the first time in 4 versions that Prestashop installed correctly for me. I have had no issues thus far. The finishing line is so close now, I can almost taste it. Keep up the great work you guys and gals are doing!


[move]GO GO TEAM PRESTA!!!![/move]

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Glad it was smooth sailing his time around, James.  We were going to make it crash a fifth time on you but decided to give you a break just this once.  :D


By the way, we saw your avatar a few streets away at lunchtime the other day.  He was having a smoke and an ale at an outdoor café.  Down the street from behind a parked car, three paparazzi were taking pics of him with their massive zoom lenses.  Eventually he raised his glass in a toast to them to let them know he had spotted them.  8)

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