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Rollback from - Bug with


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I'm very lost and I need your help to make the good choices !


First of all, I migrated products from Shopify to Prestashop. I used Cart2Cart ... Everything worked perfectly.

Once in Prestashop, there was a knowned bug, it was impossible to save changes on imported products.

The came, I installed it and MIRACLE ! I was able to save changes on my imported products. I'm almost sure the problem came from the ''Tags'' in the products options. I think there was too many words in Shopify tags and because of that it was impossible to modify and save in Prestashop with the migration.


Now my problem... Since I upgraded in, my theme doesn't work anymore... It's compatible with 1.7.0.x - 1.7.2.x  ... I asked to the theme seller if they can upgrade it or refund it... Of course they said no. They told me ''Roll back to 1.7.2.x.''    But if I go back to this version.... I will be unable to modify again my products ......


My only thoughts was to delete all the ''tags'' in my products and rollback in 1.7.2.x ... But I realized that the rollback is using a back-up... I already worked on my products (traductions, meta descriptions etc etc) ...  I don't want to delete all my work....


So what can I do now ? my theme is dead, I can't be refund., I can't modify my products and save changes. If the problem in is really the tags words... Is there a way to delete them from the tables in the PhPmyAdmin ?


Do you have any ideas, suggestions, solutions ?!?!?


I'm blocked in my work and my client is waiting since weeks.... I would like to finish this website asap !!


Please help me !!


Thank you !!!!








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