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Silent error (and 500) after transfer to VPS


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Hi, I transfered my previously working PS from shared hosting to VPS. I downloaded all the files, ziped them and unziped on VPS, changed the parameters.php to connect to new database, so basically it is an exact copy of the PS on previous hosting...

Nearly everything works, I can place orders, all the modules seem to work fine, but some things in backoffice does not. I get error 500 and on debug there is an silent error in AdminController.php on line 439, I found this file in root/classes/controller but I do not know what is wrong there or I have no clue where to look next. I get this error on modules list, when changing order status, on product list in BO, propably on more places, but I did not try everything, although the same error appears in debug for all the mentioned cases.


I have a Cloud VPS on CentOS 7 with Plesk 17.5, PHP 7.0.28 with default settings, I just set more memory (1024M) execution time (360) max input (60) post max size (64) and upload filesize (32). I checked with the Prestashop manual and I could not find anything that would point me to any misconfiguration, but I am not an expert...

Did anybody have the same issue, do you know what to do or what might be wrong? I would be really grateful.

Thank you very much

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Is this line 439 of your AdminController?

        if (!@filemtime(_PS_BO_ALL_THEMES_DIR_.$this->bo_theme.DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR.'css'.DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR.$this->bo_css)) {
            $this->bo_css = 'admin-theme.css';

what does your php/fpm/fcgi error log record when this error occurs?

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