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Make an API call after user register/update


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I have a question: I need to call an external API (the ERP, to store or update user in his DB) when a new customer is finishing his registration or when is finishing to update his profile. Do you have any suggestion to manage these events? I have the API call ready, but actually I don't know where/how to store them...

Any help?

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You would create a module in Prestashop.  In the module you would register hooks (which will notify your module of the event), and then inside you module you can call whatever external API you need to call.

You can explore the documentation on the Prestashop website on how to create modules

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Solved using an override of CustomerCore add and update. I called from parent and added the API call. For example:

class Customer extends CustomerCore {
	public function add($autodate = true, $null_values = true){
		parent::add($autodate, $null_values);
		// My code

		return $success;

I made the same for Customer update and AddressCore.

Anyway, thanks.

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