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Hello All,

i really need your help here.


I've done a fresh install of Prestashop and i'm getting crazy since i can't see in the module list the  "mail alets" module.

I've checked every single module, manually, but i'm not able to find it.

If I browse the modules folder on the server i can see the mailalerts folder however the addon seems to be hidden or disabled.

Is there a way to possibly reinstall it?

Can anyone help me here please?


Many thanks


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For everyone with non-english site: If you have installed this module, but no e-mail with notification about new order is received, you must create new folder via FTP with your language code, eg.: I am from Czech republic - I must create folder "cs" in: modules/mailalerts/mails/cs

Into this folder just copy files from existing folder "en" and edit templates if you want.

It's done ;)

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