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Problems with PDF

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Thanks for the information, I have a questions please, I just maka a shop for a client in Israel and I have porblems with the PDF... when you print the PDF all the information about the products is ??????????????????????????????????????????
Thanks in advance.

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Ok thanks, must be somethink about the languege code??
Toda ve shabat shalom

Which version of Prestashop?

This was discussed in the main English forum, I know there was a solution for PS 1.2.5 but I'm not sure about 1.3 yet
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Hi tomerg3:
I'm using 1.2.5 and I'm looking around with out succes... the web is in 5 languages but the hebrew will make me mad.... the web is, if you will like to have a look... www.israghostshop.com and if you can help me with that will be great.
Thanks a lot a have a good week-end

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Thanks for the link, I will look into, about your shop, you have the same problem I have the shop I made for my client, I make a buy in hebrew and I have the same problem ?????????
Have a look.
Thanks again tomerg3 and shabat shalom

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