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1.7.2 - disable/remove invoice address


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Dear fellow forum members I have following problem.
I disabled invoices in BO (menu Orders/Invoices) yet still invoice address is appearing on the checkout screen as "use the same address for invoice" option.

Can you advise me how to completely disable or remove invoice address from checkout?

Thank you.

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I'm trying hide billing address too (on PS1.7.4) but I'm having some problems.


I commented these lines:

        {if $use_same_address && !$cart.is_virtual}
            <a data-link-action="different-invoice-address" href="{$use_different_address_url}">
              {l s='Billing address differs from shipping address' d='Shop.Theme.Checkout'}

And these:

      {if !$use_same_address}

        <h2 class="h4">{l s='Your Invoice Address' d='Shop.Theme.Checkout'}</h2>

        {if $show_invoice_address_form}
          <div id="invoice-address">
            {render file                      = 'checkout/_partials/address-form.tpl'
                    ui                        = $address_form
                    use_same_address          = $use_same_address
                    type                      = "invoice"
                    form_has_continue_button  = $form_has_continue_button
          <div id="invoice-addresses" class="address-selector js-address-selector">
            {include  file        = 'checkout/_partials/address-selector-block.tpl'
                      addresses   = $customer.addresses
                      name        = "id_address_invoice"
                      selected    = $id_address_invoice
                      type        = "invoice"
                      interactive = !$show_delivery_address_form and !$show_invoice_address_form

          {if isset($invoice_address_error)}
            <p class="alert alert-danger js-address-error" name="alert-invoice" id="id-failure-address-{$invoice_address_error.id_address}">{$invoice_address_error.exception}</p>
            <p class="alert alert-danger js-address-error" name="alert-invoice" style="display: none">{l s="Your address is incomplete, please update it." d="Shop.Notifications.Error"}</p>

          <p class="add-address">
            <a href="{$new_address_invoice_url}"><i class="material-icons">&#xE145;</i>{l s='add new address' d='Shop.Theme.Actions'}</a>


And these from classic/templates/checkout/_partials/address-form.tpl

{block name='form_fields' append}
  <input type="hidden" name="saveAddress" value="{$type}">
  {if $type === "delivery"}
    <div class="form-group row">
      <div class="col-md-9 col-md-offset-3">
        <input name = "use_same_address" type = "checkbox" value = "1" {if $use_same_address} checked {/if}>
        <label>{l s='Use this address for invoice too' d='Shop.Theme.Checkout'}</label>

But there's some problem with "SAVE" continue "BUTTON" that are not showed correctly in all the situations and create confusion to the customers.

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