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Error calculation of vat on discount

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I have a problem with the calculation on the confirmation order and I don’t know how to parameter this. (PRESTASHOP


It removes vat from base price when calculating but doesnt remove vat from the discount amount.


PRODUCTS {total_products}          100€

REDUCTIONS {total_discounts}    -12€

DELIVERY {total_shipping}            20€

VAT {total_tax_paid}                    20€ : it’s false : 100-12+20 = 108€ so 90€ without taxes (tax 20%) soit VAT = 18€

TOTAL PAID {total_paid}              108€ ok


Please somebody could help me ?



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Let's wait year 2034, when version of Prestashop will be released. Actually it is really too early to figure-out what the code contains. :D


Can you tell us about the type of discount (cart_rule amount? cart_rule percent? other ? )

Could you also tell us about the shipping settings (VAT included ?)

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