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Abandoned Carts with the same product always


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Hey there,


I've been having problems with my e-commerce lately. I noticed a few days ago that I have been getting lots of abandoned carts. When I checked them out I saw that every day I get like 10 carts or so with always the same product (there are times when the cart contains many copies of this very same product).


I've been checking the forums for a solution but all that I could find was people complaining about this same problem but their abandoned carts were always at the same hour. Mine are randomly spread during the day or night. 


I tried to block some known bots but I don't see any improvements. I'm getting the same amount of abandoned carts with the same product. 


Any help with this? 

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review your servers access log, and determine what is adding the carts.  it is most likely a bot, which you may be able to determine by locating their IP address and referring URL


if you are not familiar with how to do that, contact your hosting provider for support

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I think it is a crawler. A bot (robot) is crawling your shop pages and adds this product.

As bellini stated, you can use the server logfiles or the guest - connections table from prestashop to figure out the ip.


If the IP owner seems suspicios, you could also block that IP for example via an entry in the .htaccess file in the root of your webspace.


Another more friendly way woult be a file called robots.txt in the root which gives crawlers directives what is allowed or not.

In terms of syntax it is similar to .htaccess. The difference ist:


With .htaccess you tell your apache server what kind of access is prohibited.

With robots.txt you kindly ask bot, not to crawl certains urls.

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