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האם יש אפשרות לשנות את המיקום של המילים בתוך הבלוק משמאל לימין כשמשנים את השפה לעב

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I don't have hebrew letter on my keyboard, so let me know if you don't understand anything...

In the tpl file, you can do something like:
{if $lang_iso == 'he'}
hebrew formating and align
normal formating and align

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ok, I hit a wall. I was trying what you offered in different variations - but all in vain.

This is what I came with: add in global.css the formatting:

#page_heb {
   width: 980px;
   margin: 0 auto 2px auto;
   text-align: right

then in header.tpl I changed line 43 from:


I also tried :

When using firebug I have noticed that the alignment is controlled by the #page compound. Changing it from left to right did the trick. But I do need it to be aligned to the left for the other languages. Could you please write me the line code in a proper way that will distinguish it when using hebrew?

Thanks for the help.

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The correct way would be to create a copy of "page" in the css, and call it "page_he", give it that same settings as page, but with the correct align.

Then in the tpl file use the if/else statement to print the id (page or page_he)

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Well, I got to work the way I wanted. I replaced the code

in the header.tpl file with this code:

Although it works, it confuses me. the above statement says: if the language iso is equal to 'he' then print id="page'... there is no otherwise else) statement. Is the above code is correct (it works, in correct i mean will work for all browsers and there will be no conflicts?)?

Please educate me on this piece of code. maybe offer a better code?

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