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  1. I remember that there was a bug with 1.6.2 that PS Cleaner module was missing from the install package, and solution for back then was to download an earlier version of PS and then upgrade PS. What happened to PS Cleaner in PS1.7? Thanks
  2. So what is the point in posting in Prestashop's own help forum in regards to this question, if all questions can be found on "google"?
  3. I am searching for help here. If I will not do multistore, what other alternative do I have?
  4. Is there a way to display the same store contents under different domains? For WordPress, I just had to change to get the URL and change few links in the header.
  5. I have multiple domain names (more than three) mydomain.com somedomain.com thisdomain.net All the domains are loading the same WordPress located in the "/var/www/html/". I have and installed Prestashop 1.7 in "/var/www/html/store/" using "mydomain.com". When I go to "somedomain.com/store/" or "thisdomain.net/store/" it redirects to "mydomain.com/store/". I have never setup a multistore and when I just tried doing so, I noticed that it does it one domain at a time. The two questions I have are: What does Prestashop's engine do when a new domain is added? Does it only create MySQL tables for that domain? If yes, how much memory does each new domain adds to MySQL? Does it add any files to the harddrive? If yes, how many? Which ones? And how much memory it takes for each added domain? Is there a programmatic way add multiple (many) domains to show the same store? Thanks
  6. Thanks. Just adding this note: In the CSV product upload the parameters are: both, catalog, search, none I chose "none".
  7. Is it possible to have single product pages, where a costumer can access only that specific product page by URL, but it will not show up in any search results, or any results at all?
  8. This issue carried over to PS I just installed a fresh PS, and have only 84 modules. When I search for Prestashop Cleaner in the BO I get nothing back - same happens when I search the Prestashop Addon website. Any ideas?
  9. I have a need to have different back office and front office currencies. What it means is that when importing or editing/adding a product manually to be able to only deal with currency X - while the customer always sees currency Y. But Also, currency X should be the the primary one when updating currencies via cron- but currency Y should always be the primary one when checking out. Which modules and template files have to be modified to achieve that?
  10. I know it is possible to show differnet prices when different users are logged to the store. But is it possible to show differnet parameters in the datasheet? Also, is it possible to have a different minimum required products per order per price for different users? I.E. a retail user can buy in minimum of x1 item per order. But a wholesale user should be buying at a x6 (box of them, lets say?) per minimum order. For this case I wanted to change the datasheet to specify the number, and the price. Can it be done?
  11. I know it is an old thread, but I just faced similar problem and my fix was different. The translation for that section disappeared somehow. The language I was using did not have the non-english translation. Therefore, nothing was showing. I added the translations to the fields (Localization -> Translations) and it reappeared. Is there a way to fill all the empty translations to all other languages from the default language?
  12. Thank you for the example and good share. I am facing a problem, where I have two languages in my store, and I placed the mail.php file in the root, themes, and default-bootstrap directory as well. When the form submits, it redirects to mayDomainName.com/lang/mail.php and throws me 404 not found. How can I set the action="" to be relative to the lang? Thanks
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