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eBay - (official) - All you need to know


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The development of the free eBay module has been permanently stopped since 21/07/2017. The latest release version (1.15.6) still works to date, but 202 ecommerce no longer provides support or corrections.
Free module users attention: eBay regularly updates its API, and wholesale changes are already planned for 2018. Although the community has fixed some problems encountered since the end of our support, you will be confronted this year with a complete block, which a developer will not be able to solve quickly (and therefore, for free).

We recommend all users of the free module to switch to a paid offer:

- By making a simple update to the new version of our module: eBay 2,

- By installing another sync module working with eBay,

- Using a feed manager such as Shopping Flux.

Our eBay 2 module is of course the simplest solution because you only have to buy the module on Addons, then update the free module with this paid version. All the eBay configurations and listings are retained.
Thanks to 5 years of experience with the free module and a complete rewrite of the code of the new paid version, we are able to offer today a robust and stable solution.

You will find all the information here.

How to start selling on eBay from PrestaShop

1 - Watch our teaser video (screencast) available on eBay module overview page and ours
tutorial videos available on the 202 ecommerce youtube channel.

2 - Configure and synchronize only one category that contains less than 10 products.

3 - If products are rejected by eBay, change module configuration, or update product,
based on rejection reason provided by eBay.

4 - Once you listed with success at least one product on eBay, add categories step by


eBay module overview page: www.202-ecommerce.com/ebay-en

Video tutorial, module versions (changelog), informations, news

Online documentation: help.202-ecommerce.com/ebay

Detailed documentation per features

Support in case of technical issue

In case you face a technical issue with our module, please open a ticket through "contact
developer" in Addons. We support you in 4 languages: English, Français, Italiano, Español (9.00 - 18.30 working days).

In case of issue with eBay platform usage:

Check eBay Seller Center website of your country.

Contact eBay merchant help by phone:

My eBay > Help (top) > Contact > Sell > Call us

You will get a phone number & reference that will allow eBay merchant center to access your eBay account.


API error / Publication rejection

When you publish listings on eBay, or you upgrade existing listings, eBay analyze all informations sent (through the module), and can refuse publication. A rejection of publication is not a module bug! eBay refuses listings which do not comply with the publication rules.

Example ; product less than 1 € cannot be sold on eBay. If one of your product cost
less than 1 €, listing publication will be rejected for this product.

To be able to publish, you need to change module configuration, of change product data, depending on eBay API error message. Unfortunately, error message can be difficult to understand, please contact eBay merchant support if you need help to understand message.


- Products less than 1 euro will not be synchronized due to eBay restrictions.
- Products with no images will not be synchronized due to eBay restrictions.
- eBay does not accept more than 120 variations per product.
- It’s not possible to publish for the first time a listing with quantity 0
- On eBay, shipping is limited to 4 national carriers and 5 international carriers
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