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After clearing cache are wrong path generated in class_index.php (


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Hi all

Because an addon did not work i contacted the developper. Here was detected that when you clear the cache in "advanced settings / performance / cache delete" the refreshed file class_index.php (/html/rootordner/cache/class_index.php) partly empty path or wrong path generated. If you delete the file class_index.php manually, they renew automaticly and all path are correct.


I have, for example, the file Order.php edited and for this a folder in override (override/classes/order/Order.php) created. After clear the cache with the Button in "Advanced settings / performance / cache delete" is the following path generated: 


About line 2924


'OrdnerCore' => 


Array ( 


'path' => 'classes/order/Order.php', 



After delete the file class_index.php  manually the path in the self new generated  class_index.php looks like: 


'path' => 'override/classes/order/Order.php 



Other examples:

About line 230 in AdminCarrierWizardController


cache clear with the Button

'path' => ' ',



file manually clear

'path' => 'override/Controller/admin/AdminCarrierWizardController.php




About line 3122 in PDFGenerator 


cache clear with the Button

'path' =>' '


 file manually clear

'path' =>'override/classes/pdf/PDFGenerator.php



In my  testshop this is the same as in my onlineshop.


Can somebody comprehend










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