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Hosting Prestashop on AWS. Changing Database Configuration


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Uploaded the prestashop 1.7 code on Ec2 and Database dump on AWS RDS and have changes /config/bootstrap.php with credentials ... Still facing issues ...  


define('_DB_SERVER_', $database_host);

    define('_DB_NAME_', $config['parameters']['database_name']);
    define('_DB_USER_', $config['parameters']['database_user']);
    define('_DB_PASSWD_', $config['parameters']['database_password']);
    define('_DB_PREFIX_',  $config['parameters']['database_prefix']);
    define('_MYSQL_ENGINE_',  $config['parameters']['database_engine']);
    define('_PS_CACHING_SYSTEM_',  $config['parameters']['ps_caching']);
Have Read somewhere to edit setting.inc.php but it was blank so edited bootstrap.php.
Error message attached with the post


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Well first the error says that the /app/logs folder is not writable, so I would fix your file/folder permissions


Second the stack error says it could not locate a proper SQL engine, which Prestashop is really saying that there is no mysql driver available to use.  which likely means you do not have the correct PHP extensions enabled, so you should review your PHP configuration.

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